Friday, January 17, 2014

Lindy's Stamp Gang & Imaginarium Designs Blog Hop ...

Welcome to the MASSIVE Imaginarium Designs and Lindy's Stamp Gang Blog Hop!

We are so excited to have the team at Lindy's team up for a full day of creativity. 

This hop will surely get your creative juices flowing so head on over to all these incredibly talented crafters to check out how they’ve combined the beautiful products from Lindy’s Stamp Gang  with our fabulous chipboard, it’s a match made in color heaven!

We have a great prize for you too!
We will draw a random winner on Monday!

We would love for you to show some love to all our crafters and leave them a little message

You will have the opportunity to win a fabulous prize by both ID and Lindy’s Stamp Gang so please let us know that you have done so by coming back to Lindy’s Stamp Gang & here at ID blog at the end of the hop.

Here is a full list if you get lost along the way

Have Fun!
  1. Amy Voorthuis
  2. Denise Boddey
  3. Evgenia Sokolinskaya
  4. Ingrid Gooyer
  5. Kaori Fujimoto
  6. Karen Zueger
  7. Louise Nelson
  8. Sandrine Dawes
  9. Maiko Miwa
  10. Natalie May  
  11. Julianne McKenna-De Lumen
  12. Patricia Basson
  13. Sarah Routledge
  14. Shell Carman
  15. Solange Marques
  16. Cindy
  17. Nolwenn
  18. Ivett
  19. Irina
  20. Lynne
  21. Mary
  22. Limor
  23. Lindy's Stamp Gang  -
  24. Imaginarium Designs 
To start you off, here is an amazing project by our very own Sue Smythe.

Have a great day


  1. Wow gorgeous page to show off the products. Such a beautiful color palette. Love all the different textures and colors on the background and chippies. Great blog hop so far. Only found 12 blogs with post so far. Think I started a little too early. Will come back later to see the other 12.

  2. Beautiful work with those colors!!!! Love this!! xo

  3. I love the layout, especially the break work on the right that just looks fantastic. That is also a lovely photo.

    1. Sorry having a terrible days with my dyslexia, *break* is meant to be *brick*

  4. What a gorgeous page! I love the colors.!! (I cant find the bloghop post at Evgenia Sokolinskayas blog - and there is a link to Evgenia Peltzer from one of the blogs too - she is not on your list (and she dont have a post either)) Thanks for the fun! and all the beautiful inspiration! :)

  5. Wow, there are so many amazing and inspiring projects to see during this blog hop! I'm truly amazed! Thank you so much for the wonderful hop!

  6. Fab background! Love the rich details too!

    1. What a great hop! I lived Cindy's incredible hat, so gorgeous. And Limor's LO was beautiful! I am now officially in love with your titles and the Morroccan border. I so hope to win and get that one.... I could not find Evgenia's post but will check later:-)

  7. Lots of great ideas and inspiration on this hop! These ladies are all so talented! Thanks for hosting this hop with Lindy!

  8. I Love the butterfly and beautiful flowers on this page. Great color combinations also.
    I commented on all blogs in the hop as well as on LSG. Thanks for hosting hop.

  9. Very beautiful layout! (I cant find the bloghop post at Evgenia Sokolinskayas blog - and there is a link to Evgenia Peltzer from one of the blogs too - she is not on your list (and she dont have a post either)) Thanks for the fun! and all the beautiful inspiration!

  10. Gorgeous layout! Love the colors and the chipboard. Saw some amazing work on this bloghop that inspires me to take on a new project! Thanks for all the amazing work! All the best!

  11. checked all the blogs just one has no project lady grace's all the projects were so inspiring thank you ladies

  12. Lovely Layout, so angelic...


  13. Lovely layout! Loved the bloghop!

  14. I was idly browsing and saw a project made with Lindy's Stamp Gang products, which looked pretty neat! I am not familiar with the products, so I went to the blog and ended up checking out the hop. I like the colors!

  15. Luv how versatile your chipboard pieces are

  16. Amazing creations - inspirational creativity ...

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