Monday, January 7, 2019

Two More to Go

Good Morning Everyone.
This is my second to last farewell, and as I hate saying goodbye to the people who have become friends, I will be glad when it is over.
Today I have to say Good Bye to the super talented mixed media artist - Sandi Spinks.

Sandi has been with our team for a few years now and it has been such fun watching her work develop over time.
Quite a few design teams do mixed media projects and our Sandi is up there with the best of them.
She can turn her hand to layouts, off the page and art journals. Whilst I love all her work - it's her mixed media art journals that inspire me the most. Sandi has been a great design team member and her style of work has been a perfect fit with the other members of our design team. She leaves a big hole in the team which will be hard to fill. I  have picked some of my favourite Sandi pieces to share with you and to show you just how clever Sandi is.

This is one of my favourite Sandi layouts. I have never quite got the two elements to a page concept, but this layout of Sandi has convinced me that it does work if you get it right, and Sandi has nailed it.

Sandi loves strong colours and is not afraid to experiment  with colours and concepts. This layout is a great example of the confidence she shows in her work.

This was my favourite art journal page that Sandi did last year. It looks like 8 different pieces put together. But it is only one piece of paper and Sandi has cleverly added  shadows to create the look of squares. Just brilliant and the terra cotta and touch of teal is quite beautiful.

This layout was another favourite, I loved the way she used a piece of  chipboard hexagon as a foundation for her photo.

Another journal page showing Sandi's quirky sense of humour and use of strong colours. There is so much going happening on Sandi page, but she still has created a sense of space.

 This layout was another favourite, I love the soft  colours and layers Sandi has created. She is equally comfortable using strong colours as she is with softer colours.

This layout is a great example of how a to use a bit of your layout to create a statement whilst leaving the rest of the page empty. This is quite hard to do as you have to get the balance just right. Sandi has achieved that with style. She has created the perfect background for her photo.

Thank you Sandi for your time with us, we will miss you. I wish you and your family a safe and happy 2019 and success in your continuing scrapbooking journey.
I am looking forward what you get up to this year.
PS one more farewell to go!

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  1. Thankyou Jane you humble me with your moving words. I have loved every minute being this amazing design team and privileged to have had the chance to use this fantastic product. I was inspired by the product and incredible designers on this team. I was challenged to think out the box and through this my creativity grew. Thankyou, I look forward to seeing the future design team members and product designs.