Monday, November 24, 2014

Our last post from Katie ......

Hi again, Katie here for my last guest post.

I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing a little of me with you all this month. 

By now you may have noticed that I have a little thing for a white background for my pages! Well, I won’t be disappointing you with this last page! 

This last page documents all the outfits that my 15 year old daughter bought when we were in Melbourne in September. It was one hell of a shopping trip and she had a ball. 
Me, meanwhile, I was absolutely exhausted! I don’t think I have shopped like that, ever! But it was wonderful spending time together in a fun way, and she was spending her own money too!
The title was a given for this page! 
And the little girl was also perfect, she just looks like she is jumping for joy, and who wouldn’t be jumping for joy after buying lots of new outfits!

To finish off I simple added a frame that I cut in half on either side of the photos. 
Doing this with a frame also gives you somewhere to add extra embellishments. I also chose to leave the chipboard raw in this page. 
The rest of the page is soft and the raw chipboard stands out nicely without being too much.

Well, that is it from me. 
Thanks for having me and letting me play with some of your beautiful products! 
I have very quickly learnt that you have chipboard for every occasion!


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Big album by Elena Smoktunova

Hello friends!
Today I will show you a big gentle elegant album.
It very much is pleasant to me!

On an album cover the big frame is just perfect!
I painted it with white paint and after drying added stamps.

Here it is painted with different paints, still I added different shades of gloss.

 I hope you enjoy!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sue Smyth November post

Christmas Canvas and Super Star Layout 
By Sue Smyth 

This month as we head towards Christmas I have made a dimensional 
canvas from cheap children's wooden blocks.
(be sure to check out Decembers post to see what I did 
with the rest of the blocks)

I have used Imaginarium Chipboard to alter the fronts of some of 
the blocks to spell out Merry Christmas and 
other appropriate words.

Some of the blocks have been cut in half with a saw for a 
lower profile and give a variety of dimension.

I have tucked some red wood fibre along the sides 
to hide the gap between the blocks and the 
canvas edge 

Cover some blocks with small squares of scrap patterned paper
 and use buttons and small decorations to add to blocks
that do not have an alpha on them 

I have reversed the canvas and arrange the blocks inside the cavity
then adhered them in place with strong glue.
When dry I have painted with gesso and sprayed 
with Red Dylusions or similar 
Then cover with spray adhesive and sprinkle liberally
with white glitter.
Decorate as above.

We all love a good boy page, so this month I have made a layout 
about my middle child who is quite the rock star.(well in his mind anyway )
I is talented with the guitar and I wanted to capture his
first performance in a layout.

By placing the arched window over the photo I 
am directing the viewer to notice the middle of 
the photo where the face and guitar is.

Add the Super Star title and of course lots of gold embossed stars and you have your own Super Star layout. I have covered the title with dimensional magic and black glitter.
Glitter comes in wonderful colours these days and is under rated as a medium 

Here I have added a splot of distress ink for anenamel red arrow to sit.
I have used a bright red Utee to get that gorgeous glossy colour.

Emboss stars with a variety of gold powders for a great variation in colours 
To emboss the arch I have randomly applied embossing fluid, sprinkled with 
an aged gold embossing powder and heat set.
Once cool rub over black in to cover the areas that the 
powder has missed. Wipe off excess ink with a wet wipe.

Some candid shots of my work space 

I need to have all of my materials where I can see them so I remember where they are! So I store the majority of my things in clear glass jars including my ribbons.

I have  a huge corkboard which I pin layouts onto, and I have just added the white cane bird cage for displaying  small items. I like to display my work to keep me inspired. 

All of my punches and dies, again I like to see them to be inspired as I work 

Other side of my garage( it is a 2 car garage) are 2 banks of  book shelves with papers, projects and books in them

My three tables are usually only clean in between projects and classes, never during them lol

My newest purchase was this multi drawed cabinet which holds all of my tools and then some.
Each draw is labeled and though I cannot see the tools, the labels work well for me. And 
it makes putting away so much easier.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a little of my works space
I think it is important to have it as creative as you can, 
to inspire you all of the time.

Happy Crafting 
Dont forget to leave a comment to go in the 
running for an Imaginarium chipboard prize