Thursday, January 25, 2018

Introducing the Wonderfully Wicked Card Making Woman that is Wendy Duwakin

Good Morning Everyone.
Today I get to introduce my one and only wonderful and wicked friend Wendy.  
Wendy and I go back a long way. I can't remember when we first met, but I think it was at a Scrapbook and Paper Craft Expo in Brisbane. Since then she has always been my right hand lady in all the classes I teach at the expo. She is amazing and so patience with everyone attending the classes. In the classroom, she RUNS around, finding bits that are missing in the kits, setting up the work table and helping the lady's. We have great fun together, Wendy is always up for a joke or a laugh and I love being around her. Her energy and love of life is infectious and a weekend with Wendy is as good as a tonic. Every Design Team needs a Wendy,  I was so pleased when she accepted my invitation to join our team.
I asked Wendy to tell us about herself in her own words. 
Hi Everyone - Wendy here from sunny Brisbane, I'm a mum to great little boy (4) and have a pretty good hubby who I often call on to rig up something new in the craft studio on a regular basis! I'm definitely a card-maker first and foremost that is where I feel most comfortable. I like to do off-the-page projects as well and have been known to do scrapbooking page now and then and mixed media on a full moon!!!!! When I am not in my craft studio you will find me with the family somewhere in the world throwing myself down a mountain on a snowboard!! My wish for next year is to have some adventures with my son before he goes to prep next year - I want to create some awesome memories with him and for him.

 Wendy does Cards - it's her thing. So I am going to share some with you today.  

It must have been a "full Moon" when Wendy made this card. She has done a mixed media background then simply added her butterflies.  A chipboard word at the bottom is all that is needed. Sometimes we go overboard on our cards. They end up being full on scrapbooking layouts on a 4 x 6 inch base. A card sometimes just needs to be simple to convey your message.

 This beautiful set of vintage cards shows how good Wendy is at card making. There is layering, mixed media and chipboard all wonderfully put together on each and every card.

Again another male card. Male cards are harder to do than female. With female cards you can wack a few flowers on to fill the space, but you can't really do that for a male card. Wendy has used papers and layered them to create a lovey card front. The black chipboard corner really sets if off.

 One of Wendy's more retro Cards. The pocket front is the perfect place to tuck a gift card or money.

Wendy also does other forms of scrapbooking as this framed piece shows. It is like a mini patchwork quilt. Each little square is lovingly made then added together to create the larger piece. Wendy has used lots of lovely embellishments along with a heap of our chipboard.

I am really looking forward to seeing more of Wendy's cards and off the page projects. Hopefully there will be a few more "Full Moons" in 2018 so we get to see more  mixed media projects.
Please feel free to leave Wendy a personal message welcoming her back to our team.
Back with another Mixed Media Master tomorrow who is in a class of her own and who I admire greatly.
Thanks for looking


  1. Wendy is gorgeous, love her cards, you are right Jane male cards are not easy to do and Wendy does them super well.

  2. Thank Sue for your kind words - I do actually find male themed projects easier than female. Who knew!