Friday, January 26, 2018

Introducing the Extraordinary Mixed Media Master of creating "Negative Space" with a Passion that is Louise Nelson

 Hello Everyone.
Happy Australia Day to everyone. Hope you all have a great day with family and friends.

Today I have the great pleasure of introducing to you all the Extraordinary and Exceptional Master of Mixed Media that is Louise Nelson.
I have been in the scrapbooking industry for over 15 years now. Over the years I have met so many talented people. If I had to write a list of my favourite designers, then Louise would be at the top, my number ONE.  She is just plain amazing - and so clever. Louise is another Arty Mixed Media Creative Genius. She can turn her hand to anything and I mean anything. Just visit her blog and have a look at her dry clay projects - amazing.
We go back quite a few years, I am guessing about 7-8 years. I think we met through Nat May who is a friend of Louise. I was blown away by her style back then and still is blown away now. Every time I see a project of hers my jaw drops.  It's her creative use of "Negative Space" that is one of her many strengths and sets her work apart. There is no one quite like our Lou. She also is one of our in House Designers and has done over 30 pieces of personally drawn chipboard designs for us.

Louise did a series of layouts last year, which she taught at Seriously Scrapbooking in Adelaide.
They were amazing, Lou used the strong colours we associate with Australia and the outback. So as it is Australia Day, I have decided to feature Lou and share some of the images from that class.
The ladies attending this workshop had an amazing time.
Louise is a Fantastic teacher, she teaches by demonstrating her techniques and explaining the creative process behind each project. Then she lets her students loose, giving them the courage and freedom to do their own thing. She gets so excited as she watches them grow in confidence and embrace their own project.
I enjoy attending her classes, I find them liberating and I love the sense of creative freedom I feel. When I can, I always do a "Lou Class", If you ever have the chance to attend one of her workshops then please make sure you do.

I asked Louise to tell us about herself.
 Up until 12 years ago, Louise considered herself not at all crafty or artsy for that matter. She enjoyed furniture restoration and home decor DIY. In 2005, Louise began to scrapbook and in the last 12 years has developed a distinctive style that is an elegant mix of 'negative space' and art mediums. During this time Louise has been very fortunate to have designed for many wonderful Companies and Store/Challenge Design Teams; including Seriously Scrapbooking, Imaginarium Designs, Prima Marketing, Jenni Bowlin ,Tattered Angels, 7 Dots Studio, Finnabair, and Relics & Artifacts. Louise has also had the pleasure of designing for publication for an Australian Scrapbooking Magazine, Scrapbooking Memories, and also to have publications, feature articles, and 2 covers for Somerset Memories. In recent years, Louise has developed a love of mono printing, stamp carving, painting, art journaling, ceramics, and assemblage; and has pursued these with her usual creative passion.
Thanks for this Louise.

I love this page, it reminds me of the Southern Cross. Louise is the master of Gelli Plate printing on black and minimal embellishments. She always uses a small photo on her work. This layout has a photo of herself. It looks like she has just randomly added starts to her layout. But I have watched her work and every star is carefully placed - its all about the balance of  photo + embellishments and the negative space on the page.  
Louise has done a mono print on black back ground and added splats of white gesso to enhance it. She has used her chipboard bird cages to draw your eye to her photo. The touch of blue is just perfect. I really do love her backgrounds. They always look amazing and are great fun to create.

Another self portrait layout. Most of us designers don't do layouts on ourselves, but Louise's confidence and self assurance shows in her work. This one is a favourite of mine. Again another perfectly balance of Negative Space and Interest created by "hanging" her photo.

Just beautiful - again by carefully placing the red chipboard pieces., the balance and negative space is perfect.  
So not only does Louise do layouts, and creative off the page projects, she makes her own stamps,  
using her art work as the designs and images. 
Louise also does canvas's, this is one of her mini Canvas. You can tell it's a Lou project - Mixed Media + chipboard + Beads + Wire = Louise

 For something different, I when through Louise's blog and Pinerest and found some of her  older projects. She doesn't always use black as a foundation. Some of my favourite Louise Nelson pieces are on white backgrounds. This layout again has a beautiful background that Louse has created as a foundation for her chipboard and Photo.

I love this one, the white background is so clean and perfect for the tiny photo and chipboard peacock feather which is one of Louise's hand drawn chipboard designs. Ink/paint splatters add the perfect touch.

 Louise also does project life style cards. Here are just a few of her brighter ones. Again beautiful backgrounds with the perfect balance of chipboard makes for lovely cards or card fronts. The feather on the middle cards is also one of Louise's chipboard designs - hand drawn by her.
I was so relieved and delighted when Louise confirmed she wanted to remain on our team and stay with us for another year. The design team wouldn't be the same without Louise, she is an inspiration to all of us.
Please feel free to leave a personal message welcoming her back to our team for 2018.
Only a few more welcomes to go.
Thanks for looking and see you again tomorrow.


  1. there is no one like louise, I had the pleasure of featuring her in Australian scrapbook ideas, several years ago, to inspire ladies across Australia...just love her distinctive style

  2. She is the premium artist within the community,inspiring and a pure humble talent.. she needs to release her work to the public or alternatively be a major exhibit in a national gallery. I adore her use of white space and fine details.

  3. Well deserved “words” Lou! You are an amazingly talented artist, everyone except you seems to know that! You have such a flair for creating such creatively unusual pieces. Loved every class I’ve done with you and count myself lucky that you live here in SA,

  4. Unique, original, peerless, inimitable, incomparable. So exciting to see your Art recognized throughout the world now.