Tuesday, July 18, 2017

More Chipboard Storage ideas

We all have great storage ideas ... all so different and all perfect for our own
crafting spaces ... this month the girls are sharing theirs with you!

My storage space is limited so have to make do with what I have. 
This works for me even though it looks a bit untidy.
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My storage solution for my fabulous Imaginarium Designs chipboard is brought to you by the letters I K E A. I remember when I first installed the awesome tray with its brilliant compartments, how very neat it was. It has since descended into chaos like the rest of my space. It may look like there is a whole heap of chipboard in there but a lot of it is empty boards that I hang onto to use one day.
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This is how I used to store my chipboard, a mess right...I have now tidied it up.
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So now I use 13 x 13 cm plastic snap lock bags, and insert a sheet of white cardstock,
I write the name on the top of the contents and slip the chipboard into the bag.
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I have grouped things together, like leaves and butterflies, frames and corners etc.
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Then I have placed them all in a large tub, so I can move it around the workshop as needed. 
So much tidier without having to do too much work...anyway it works for me!
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Great ideas girls

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