Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Awesome Chipboard Storage

This month the team are sharing their Chipboard Storage with you all.

New team member Wendy, the delightful Karyn & wonderful Tanya are sharing with you today.

I store my chipboard in a variety of ways. I have a small desk container with 6 compartments that I store smaller chipboard pieces (as well as metal trinkets and paperclips). This sits on my desk as I craft and is easy to access. I then have a slightly larger (A4 size) flat plastic container with lots of my much loved and used chipboard pieces (my go-to container) - it often has larger pieces I have collected to use on upcoming projects. Lastly I have a pizza box and 12x12 plastic storage container for the bulk of my chipboard. In the pizza box I store phrases and words on layers of 12x12 paper so it is easy to see the titles. In the 12x12 plastic container I have the rest of the chipboard - It is a bit tricky to sort but I remember what is where. This is what works for me!!

Yes I know this is all I have at the moment - which means unlike all the crafty ladies out there that have heaps of chipboard that they don't use, I actually use mine all the time on everything. So I find that I really only need a very small storage container because it's not in there long enough to get comfy - and you can see that I have heaps of room for more to fill up the empty spaces!!! Some of my chipboard are one off designs which were part of kits or classes sponsored by Imaginarium Designs - I don't ever throw any anyway as you never know when it will come in handy.

I keep my Imaginarium Designs chipboards in one big box.
I have divided all over the topics and store them in different packages.

Some great ideas girls ... Thank you

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