Friday, April 28, 2017

Where We Create ...

We are finishing our theme posts this month with sharing the creative spaces
of our super talented Design Team


My scrap space is located upstairs in the parents retreat.
This area of the house is my space, where I can escape from all the sport being watched on TV,
 the Xbox going full steam and were I can create and unwind.
I have fantastic lightening as there is a balcony and large windows to let in the natural light.
I store embellishments in plastic containers and glass jars. All my mediums and sprays
are at easy access. I like to be able to see what I have to work with, that way I can make
sure I am using the products I have. My scrap area is my happy place!


This is my new studio, a dream came true! I love it! It's so bright But it was not this way.
It was dark and disorganized. I reformed it in a few months ago.
Now I could live here!


"I converted our study to my space quite a few years ago, it's on the smallish side but I
have a lovely big 'L' shaped desk to work at and keep my most used items- like my
Imaginarium chipboard- at my fingertips in a set of Alex drawers from Ikea.
Behind my desk are albums, papers and all the usual supplies in an Exedit Unit also from Ikea."

"And just to keep it real here is what my scrap room looks like most of the time, 
piles of papers, tools, boxes etc littering the desk space."

"Here's what it looks like when I have to take photos for a blog post! Yes I confess I had to tidy for the photos, I wish it stayed this way but once I get creating chaos happens."

Chitose has the most gorgeous craft space - so neat and organised

And finally ... sharing my own craft space ...


  1. OMG - these are wonderful! Now, would one of you ladies like to come and organize My craft space? LOL

  2. BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL creative spaces ladies 😍❤️

  3. Such great spaces... what a pleasure it must be to create in these spaces :)