Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Where we Create

We all have different creative spaces and I love that this month our 
fabulous design team are sharing theirs .

I did suggest to Natalie that I could 'fly under the radar' for this months group challenge 
(as we are currently packing to move), and while there are some super pretty spaces on our 
team... my space is functional and is in use most days!! 
All the new supplies are within easy reach - my lovely husband lifted an old dining table 
to waist height which is perfect for me to stand to create! 
When we bought the house there was old cream carpet in the study so I didn't worry so much 
about making a mess as we had planned to lay new carpet... which we did some 5 years ago, 
and I was really good and stood on a giant mat until I dropped a tub of black gesso which 
did not fall on the giant mat... and so I didn't bother anymore - we have recently tiled the 
area, which is finally user friendly!!

I am not lucky enough to have a designated scrap room in our 1850's old stone farmhouse 
but this beautiful old stone smokehouse is earmarked to be renovated for my studio. 
I can't wait. I may need a winning lottery ticket first though!

These are some snapshots of my current area which is awkwardly right inside the front door 
of my house. It's not ideal but at least my little guy Finn can watch me while I am at my desk. 
(I may or may not have hastily moved a whole bunch of stuff onto the dining room table 
to give the impression that I am tidy. )

Sue's garage workshop is simply amazing ... here is a little video giving you the tour

My humble craft room, lots of functional drawer space with stamps, stencils 
and embellishments, hidden away but easily accessible.

Thanks so much for sharing girls

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  1. All totally different spaces!! Mine is almost packed up now but will be one of the first things I unpack :)