Sunday, April 16, 2017

Project by Chitose☆mini book


I have  mini book to share with you today!

【You wish NEVER be Forgotten】
This title chipboard is a new product.
 I colored with gesso and  blue ink.
  • I sprinkled glitter of the blue.
  • Finally I coated it with a glossy accent.

The existence of this Loolabelle's Star Bursts makes movement in basketball.
 I colored with gesso and  gold ink.

I used a brown acrylic paint.
After that, I made it shine using gold ink and copper's glitter glue.

Clock and Compass 4 1/2 inch diameter

Loolabelle's Star Bursts 2 - Three sizes

You will never be forgotten

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  1. The title looks great inked, glittered and then coated in glossy - lovely!!