Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Where We Create ....

We are continuing today with sharing where our girls create.
I love that we are all different and each of us has different areas where we make art.

Today Karyn and Sonia are sharing there work spaces.


My craft space is in the main living area of our house.
I like being where everyone else is  There is a formal dining space off to the side and I use an old dining table to work on.
I share the table with my 2 daughters. I have 2 Ikea Expedit storage units and I also use a lot
of 12x12 plastic storage boxes and pizza boxes to store supplies for different classes
and products for different design teams (its a great way to keep them all separate).
Its a small and messy area but it works for me.

I have lots of storage and its all full! Im sure I could easily fill as many Expedits again.
All of my albums are kept in my study in a book case.

My craftroom is my 'escape' room!
When I need time out from things this is where I go.
Initially it was supposed to be my space but the girls kept coming up with me so now they both have desks in the room too and regularly raid my stash!!
One of my favourite pieces was a very ugly red metal cabinet that I found at a second hand store.
It was sanded back, painted white and a knob put on so I can lift the flap
and it's a great storage area now for inks, embossing powders and mists (under the flap!)
As you can see from my photos I have a bit of a soft spot for flowers and all things pretty!

The stand to the right of the photo is supposed to be for ribbon storage but is perfect
for all those Washi Tape rolls!

The Teal Ikea stand holds a mixture of Mists, inks, Paints and various mediums.
The draws have space for punches and numerous nicknacks that have a habit of getting
lost if they are not safely put away in a draw!

What would a scrapbooker do without Ikea!!!!
My cabinets are my lifesavers and hold a huge amount of stash!!!

Cabinet before and after!

The renovation result of the cabinet!

Great workspaces girls ... thanks for sharing


  1. So beautiful, so organized, so inspiring ... would you ladies like to come and organize my scrapspace for me?? Free coffee is included of course 😜👍

  2. I love to see peoples work spaces, it's always interesting to see 'behind the scenes' :) xx