Friday, December 16, 2016

Project by Chitose☆layout


I have  layout and card to share with you today!

【my favorite PHOTOS OF YOU 】

 I colored with gesso and  ACRYLIC PAINT.
  • Its color is pearl, shining and beautiful.

 This is the star.
I colored with gesso and  gold ink.
  • I sprinkled glitter of the gold.

Next! I made Christmas card!
【Merry Christmas】

Title is the Merry Christmas.
I colored with gesso and  snow tex.

My Favourite Photos of You

Loolabelle's Freaky Peep Crosses (9 in a board)

Nat's Hearts 1 (12 in a board)

Nat's Piecharts (5 in a board)

Thank you for visiting the blog today!

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  1. Your layout is a riot of chaotic goodness! I love all the elements that you have used! the card is also quite pretty too! Isn't the chiboard so fun to use?