Tuesday, December 20, 2016

3 Christmas Creations from Sandi

Hi Sandi here its hard to believe another year is gone and it's that magical time of the year again. So this month I'd love to share with you with some Christmas creations I've made with the wonderful Imaginarium Designs Chipboard.

The first of my creations is the card I've made for a very special friend of mine. 

 Using white card stock I used Lindy Stamp Gang ink to dribble down to make a background pattern, I added a piece of distressed hessian and then added the some red dyed hessian threads, chipboard, flowers, gold/white thread and cheese cloth. The reindeer was inked with pinecone Versa Color ink, the branches were firstly covered with white sprayed gesso then Lindy Stamp Gang ink sprayed onto it, (one branch was reversed so the ink absorbed into the untreated side of the chippie. The Trees were inked with silver Versa Ink and then the trees were embossed with Metallic Melts.

Two reindeers IDS0073

4 Christmas trees IDT0009

branches and leaves IDDN0013

IDFL0013 twigs
Christmas words IDW0024

My next creation was a Christmas tag for one of my scrappy friends. Tags make presents that little bit more special and personal so maybe you could make one for that special gift.

The tag was made from a cardboard box and covered by hessian before being painted with black gesso. A white resin pinecone was covered with matte gel medium and then covered with Autumn Mega Flakes. I cut a reindeer from my new diecut I'd purchased from Seriously Scrapbooking in Adelaide and then inked my chipboard reindeer a deep red. I covered the chippie stars with Lindy Stamp Gang ink and then added some Metallic melts. The bauble was painted black and then using a watered down white gesso mixed with a small amount of Matte gel medium traced the pattern on the chippie. I added white sprayed gesso to the word peace. The extra pieces added to the tag included flowers, paper doily, white cheesecloth, white whipped spackle, white/gold thread and a metal star.


Two reindeers IDS0073

21 stars in a board EDS0076

Christmas baubles on board IDT0007

Christmas words IDW0024

My third and final creation for this year for Imaginaruium Designs is something I have challenged myself with. I was inspired by my great friend Fiona who has been experimenting with Ecodyes and hangings and thought I would give it a try. I'm rapped with how it turned out, hope you like it too.


 I placed mint onto a piece of hessian and piece of calico and after rolling and tying the roll up boiled it for a few minutes in salted boiling water. The material smelt nice but the colour wasn't very successful so I used Lindy Stamp Gangs ink to add green to the calico. A stitch stamp was used down one side of the hanging as well as some hand sewing. The resin frame was painted with Lindy's Stamp Gang spray ink and then dry brushed with Bronze water colour paint.The 'Magic' and '25' chipboard was coated in glossy accents and then I added Autumn Mega flakes onto the glue and left to dry then brushed off the excess. Many items were either sown, glued or stapled onto the material. Some of the elements I added included crochet doilies, old lace, old zipper, cardboard, hessian threads, flowers, metal keys and embellishments and string dyed with Lindy's Stamp Gang ink sprays. The tree was inked with Versa ink and then embossed with Metallic Melts. The large flourish at the back and word Christmas were inked with Pinecone Versa ink and then along with the resin frame brushed with Bronze water colour palette paint. To finish off the wall hanging I sewed the hessian to the stick and then placed a string hanging handle.


4 Christmas trees IDT0009

4 Presents on board IDT0008

Christmas words IDW0024

IDD0033 Denises George flourish 2

IDN0001 Numbers 38 per page

Magic IDW0041

I'd like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and wonderful new year filled with lots of good times and of course scrapbooking and craft. Hope to see you all again next year.






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  1. Your card and tag are beautiful but the hanging is absolute perfection!! You did an amazing job on it!! Merry Christmas and thanks for sharing your work with me!