Friday, January 22, 2016

Sue Smyth Imagniarum post

Doll face canvas & Bonus post
by Sue Smyth 

Hi Bloggers
you all know I love a canvas, so to kick start 
my creativity this year I started with an 
idea I have had for a long time.

I wanted tor recycle a doll by taking just 
the plastic face and trimming it.

I have added lace and buttons to the background for texture 

For wings I have used Imaginarium metal wings,over top
of the large chipboard butterfly.

To make the heart shaped embellishment check out
my step by step below

For the bottom element I have used a wooden spoon, layered
over with a silver spoon, add some micro beads and 
a resin relic face and you have 
an interesting embellishment

I like to gather my elements together 

Buttons, trinkets and laces so I know
what I want to use and dont 
forget to include them as I work.

And I have been collecting Dolls faces
they look a little spooky here
I know, but it saves keeping 
the whole thing in limited space

I have covered the canvas in old book pages first, 
for a great background. Then arrange 
your elements, so you have an idea
what you will end up with.

For the gold wings, even though they are 
metal, I have embossed them with
aged gold embossing powder for 
super extra shine.

To make ombre butterflies
First paint them black with 
matt black spray paint, and dry.
Then cover with dimensional magic, along
the outer edge only, sprinkle with 
the darkest colour glitter, then add more 
dimensional magic and sprinkle with
the next colour, and finally
apply dimensional magic to the inner
edge and add the lightest coloured glitter.
The over all effect is a graduated ombre look.
A great way to alter chipboard for any project 

Preparing the canvas. 
After it has 
been painted with white gesso
spray with Red dylusions, but 
mop off some of it with a wet wipe 
so the book pages show through.

I like to paint the sides of my canvases with black gessso
this hides any mistakes and problems.
It also frames the canvas, as black recedes from
our sight, and does not jump out at us.
So we then do not notice the sides so much.

Rub over with gold and wipe back with 
a wet wipe to show the print on the book pages

Re add any gold paint you feel needs to be replaced.

To make the heart embellishment

Step 1
Gold emboss a chipboard shape, large
chunky ones suit better.

Step 2 
While hot, spray with Red dylusions and keep
heating for about 5 seconds.

Step 3
Add 3mm gold pearls around the edge
using extra glue so that they stick well.
You can cover the heart with a coat of 
dimensional magic too if you like,
but in this case I have not

The finished trinket is added to the canvas
and I have adhered a small 
resin rose to the centre.

Bonus Post 

Let's face it we are girls and we like pretty things!
I love pretty things, and sometimes get
frustrated that we cannot find tools and storage
that looks nice too. 

So today I will share with you
a little thing I do to fix that !

I  basically decoupage my own mixed media tools
Here are some palette knives and big 
brushes, but you can basically do anything 

You might think this has nothing to do with chipboard and 
you would be right, BUT I do use these beauties to
alter my chipboard lol. And I thought 
you all would like to know how to do this too.

Step 1
Trim out a piece of ordinary patterned wrapping paper
to fit the handle of your tool, and spritz with water.

Step 2
Apply gel medium to the handle and layer
over top the paper.

Step 3
Snip the edges of the paper around the 

Step 4
Apply more gel medium as 
needed so you can fold up the 
tabs on the side with a good firm bond.

Step 5
Fold over tabs,wrapping around the handle.
Dont worry if they over lap, just
apply gel medium to make the paper stick to each other

Step 6
When you come to the end, do your best, overlapping the 
awkward tabs and applying gel medium.

Step 7
Snip off excess for a smooth end.

Step 8
If you have a hole in the handle you can either
leave it covered if you like. Or 
you can insert a skewer into the hole
to remove the paper,and pop over
a large eyelet.

Step 9
Cover the entire handle with Dimensional magic, 
covering the eyelet too. Prop up on 
the edge of a jar to dry.

Imaginarium Chipboard 

Happy Crafting all!


  1. OH MY WORD!! Your doll face canvas is divine!!!!! I love everything about it and the decoupaged tool handles ROCK!!! Definitely going to do this with my tools! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. Beautiful work and I
    love that you covered
    your tools! Neat.
    Carla from Utah

  3. Oh gosh... Sue this Doll canvas is awesome !!! I love all the gorgeous details. The spoons with a face, the heart, the colors... It's just AMAZING.
    And the handles which now look fabulous.. What can I say.... They look so pretty. You really shared a fantastic idea .....
    Thank you for TWO easy to follow tutorials and for sharing your exciting art. Just LOVE what you shared.
    Hugs from Monica.... Spain

  4. Amazing!!!! The doll canvas is fantastic and all the details are just spectacular! Love the tools too!