Thursday, October 23, 2014

Cards by Elena Smoktunova

Hello friends!
I made four gentle cards.
The first romantic, even it is similar to the wedding.
Chipbord coated, in some places I put a stamp and I put nacreous microbeads.

The second turned out more art, with charm I would tell.
Also on Chipbord applied paint, a stamp, microbeads and I covered with spangles for effect.

This card in blue gentle tones. It is a lot of beads and the beautiful butterflies covered with spangles and beads!

this card - shouting. Here are present bright dark tone.

On Chipbord put an embossing

 I hope you enjoy!



  1. Such a bunch of
    beautiful cards.
    Love the painting
    of the chipboard.
    Carla from Utah

  2. DELIGHTFUL cards Elena - LOVE the delicate colours, layers & textures!!!