Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Facebook ....

Have you noticed that you are no longer seeing Imaginarium Designs posts on your Facebook newsfeed?

That is because Facebook has decided that people would much prefer to see posts from their friends and family, rather than from the business pages they like.

Unfortunately, this means that many of you are missing our posts, and that’s not good—you are missing out on giveaways, freebies, contests, how-to’s, inspiration, and so much more!

If you would like to be notified when we make posts on the ID Facebook page, there is a way to make that happen. Visit the ID page, and hover your cursor over the word ‘LIKED’ just below the header image.

When the drop down menu appears, click on “Get Notifications” and a check mark will appear to the left. We’ve included a reference image below.

Once you have completed this step, you will be notified whenever a new post is made to the Imaginarium Facebook page. The notifications will appear in the top blue line of Facebook, as a number on top of the image of a globe.

Don’t miss out! We are missing you on Facebook! Hope to see you there again!