Monday, May 26, 2014

Flower pots from eggshells (tutorial) and a card from Olga Znamenskaya (Pastila)

Hi all!

Here is Olga today!
I have for you a tutorial how is make small funny flower pots from empty chicken eggs!

1. For this project you need big chicken eggs.
Carefully detach eggshells from the contents and wash it - you need only whole shells.
 2. Extend the top of shells, creating the necessary hole, removing approximately 1\3 of eggshell
 3. Color eggshells with acrylic paint (light blue)
 4. Choose decoupage napkin and cut the appropriate motive
 5. When the paint is completely dry - decorate eggshells with decoupage technique
 6. Make light "splashes" with brown paint for effect of naturallity
 7. Take the flowers that you want to put in new "pots". Better to take small flowers with little roots.
 8. Fill the shells ground, pour water.
 9. Plant flowers in the "pots"
 10. Take a paper box of eggs and cut the required amount cells (I have 2x3).
Paint box slightly with white acrilyc paint
 11. Take a chipboard fence and paint it with white —Ārackle paint
 12. Glue the fence on the box of eggs, creating "border"
 13. Put egg flower pots staggered. In the empty cells can be put different decor - bird, raffia, empty quail eggs, ribbons, lace, etc.

 I used Imaginarium chipboards:

And the one spring card

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  1. What a lovely project......Loved the tutorial......Thanks for sharing......

  2. Amazing!
    Thanks for the walkthrough, I'm blown away by your imagination!