Saturday, April 26, 2014

Inspiration by Olga (Pastila) Znamenskaya

Hi all!
Olga-Pastila is today with you! How is going? Hope you are well!

My first work is album for the little girl Alena.

 Chipboard is painted with acrilyc paint.

 "Alena" - chipboard is painted with acrilyc paint and decorated with pearls.

 Star dust - glittered stars

I used

And the second project is dedicated to the Victory Day traditionally celebrated on the 9th of May. 
This holiday commemorates the victory of Soviet army over the Nazi Germany in 1945. (Victory Day marks Nazi Germany’s surrender to the Soviet Army in 1945)
Common symbols of Victory Day in Russia are Red Star medals (military distinction for bravery), St. George ribbons and red carnations usually
given to veterans and to laid at the war memorial sites. 
Every year in honour of this day in all cities across the country military parades, celebrations and fireworks are held.
We keep the memory of this victory carefully and appreciate everything our grandparents-veterans did for us, as we are living just because they are dead!

Thank you!
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