Friday, December 16, 2011

Where I create .....

I posted this over at my blog and I thought I'd post it here too.

We all like to have a bit of a nosey at what each others craft areas look like so I thought I'd share my space.

 I get a lot of people at work ask where I create so I thought it was about time I took a few photos and shared my Scrap Space.
This is Jessica's old bedroom - hence to yellow paint and underwater frieze!
My amazing husband built the desk into the corner for me.
Gotta love the IKEA bookcase - perfect for scrapbookers!
Built in robes have been customized for my storage
Glimmermist, Inks and Embossing powders are stored in these trays that Trev made.

 Old bookcase makes great on bench shelving for my fave stamps and punches

Layouts that need putting away
 Storage of notebooks, patterned paper and other bits!
Always messy - no hiding that!
Shelving holding my Chipboard and finished OTP projects
My work area
I LOVE my magnets from IKEA that hold my scissors, tweezers and tools!
Again, IKEA drawers
So this is where the magic happens! :p

How do you store your chipboard - leave a link in the comment section to a photo and I will send out a pack of chipboard to the most innovative storage idea!
Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. OOOhhhh I love you space :)

    Store my chipboard in clear plastic containers, easy to see, stack and protects them - not very innovative but it does the trick ;)

  2. Thank you for sharing photos of your room. Always good to get new ideas for keeping items handy. I recently started to get into chipboard so what few peices I have I keep in a shopping bag under my desk-ok for now.

  3. wow!!! Love your room and what a fantastic system for mists! Just love it!

  4. Lucky lucky girl you are:-) Love your space! And trust me, compared to mine, it is not messy at all:-)

  5. Great room! I love your bins for "stuff"! Too funny. I have a few bins labeled "junk I need"! I store my chipboard in several clear totes. However, I have so many chipboard alphas and numbers that they are stored in a cardboard box at the moment!

  6. Oh love those magnets!! What a fab idea!

  7. LOve your space , orgaonized so nice- i am working on mine -- I storage all unopened on a chip up spinner, opened pieces go in the bin -- I have been sorting and purging - I have lots of baskets & bins -

  8. Your studio is fabulous....envy envy envy LOL
    3 cheers to IKEA...they design with the scrapbooker in mind! LOL
    How do I store my chopboard?
    I use a plastic A4 folder with clear pockets that way I can see what I have instantly and they are safe from bending or getting lost especially the alphas!!

  9. Good morning Natalie! Your scrap room is perfect!!!! Huge congrats to your man, that he has so many great ideas and he makes your life easier!!! I love the trays for the embossing powders and inks and your work area, as well! I have simply a box for my chippies.

  10. I love look at scraprooms. :) You're very organized! Way you storage masks is so smart and comfortable. Trays with inks and mists are fabulous! I wish I'll have something like that someday.

    So ... Most of my chipboards are hidden in a box... but some of them I have attached over the desk with other scraps, newspaper clippings and embellishments... I did it 'cause often I don't want to search the mass of residual papers or searching in boxes... so in that way they're definitely used up faster ;D

  11. I don't really have an innovative way to store my chipboard. Pretty much all my chipboard shapes are in a large wicker basket (large because i have a LOT) and sorted by size or theme. Then, i have another wicker basket for my alpha chipboard and another one for all my chipboard titles. I have to say that one of my favorite parts of scrapbooking is always looking through all my chipboard to find the perfect piece to put on my layout or card! I am totally addicted!!!

  12. I so love seeing other people's work spaces and yours is so neat and tidy. Mine is cringeworthy... as is my chipboard storage method... which is currently in empty pizza boxes that I've received scrap supplies in so not orderly at all!

  13. I have a peg board for chipboard to keep it out on show because it is easier to see what we have and make use of it

    Always good to see how others organise their space

  14. Hi Natalie...I just love your scraprrom...look fantastic !!!
    You are very organized and everything have a nice place !!! So many great ideas.
    I will move to my another house in April in this new house I will have my room!!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for sharing your space!!!!
    Big huges and kisses

  15. Awesome space you've got!
    and sorry, I have no tip on how to store my chipboards, but I sure learnt a lot from reading the comments.

  16. What a wonderful area to create you have. Its so nice having a 'sticky beak' into how others creative rooms look! Also, wonderful ideas of storage..
    Love the idea of a peg board to store chipboard/items. Currentl, I store my chipboard in a set of drawers, with dividers in them. Keeps them from getting damaged.