Monday, June 11, 2018

Modern Papercraft + Chipboard

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Wendy back today with a different take on using chipboard.  I am a huge lover of all things stationary and if you have watch the video of my craft room tour you will notice that I have so many blank notebooks it's not even funny (upwards of 50).  I have a really big problem walking past pretty pens or cool desk organisers so you can image I have a real love for shops like Typo and Kikki  K.  Anyway so Kikki  K released a paperlovers book which I of course I purchased and then I thought I wonder if I could use what's in the book to create some cards for my monthly projects and wallah - here they are.  So everything except the base white cardstock, grey mat, the couple of embellishments and of course chipboard are out of the paperlovers book. Now whilst they don't appear to be overly difficult cards and they did take quite a few hours to put together - just around making sure the patterned papers worked well together and I really only wanted to use what was in the paperlovers book and chipboard just to show that you can make cards on a budget that look great!  The four cards have four different ways in which I have used the chipboard as per my comments below.

Chipboard was painted using Colour Blast colour paste in steel.

Chipboard was coloured using Distress Paint and just makes this one pop!

For this one the chipboard was double embossed using Colour Blast using steel embossing powder.

And who can go past nice pink glitter for that disco feel.

There you go for all those that love stationary well this is what you do with it some of the things you might find in those cool and sleek stationary stores!

Keep Creating!

Chipboard Used

IDS- 0079

IDT - 0036



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