Thursday, January 3, 2019

Another Fond Farewell

Hello Everyone
This doesn't get any easier and today I have to say good bye to Karyn Shultz.
I have know Karyn for a few years now and she has been on our team for the past three years. 
Karyn has let me know that her time with us has come to an end and I am sad to see her go.

Karyn is a beautiful person inside and out and her work reflects her lovely personality. Nothing is ever too much and she can fit in with what ever is happening and just go with the flow. I admire her very much and love her scrapbooking style. She has a real eye for detail and always creates projects that look simple but seldom are. It's all to do with her ability to mix scrapbooking techniques with mixed media products and still keep it looking simple.

Karyn is one of those clever people who can turn her hand to anything. She does beautiful cards, project life and mini books.

Karyn is not afraid to use bright colours on her work and even do projects that are eclectic and just wonderful.

Karyn has been teaching project life classes for quite a while, this is one of her layouts, but you can see why her project life classes are so popular.

I loved this one Karyn did for us, it is such a classic scrapbooking layout with her magical mixed media touch.

Again another one of her cards which shows just how versatile she is, so different from everything else I have chosen. 

And to finish up, I just had to show you one of Karyn's mini books.  She is an expert at these and when she has taught them in the past they have been a favourite of all attending.
I am sad Karyn that is leaving us as her style is uniquely her, she will be hard to replace.

Karyn, I wish you and your family a safe and wonderful 2019, and every success in your continuing scrapbooking journey. I know we will be catching up from time to time, just not here.

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