Sunday, May 27, 2018

May creating with Sonia

Hi everyone, it's scary to think we are approaching the end of May already and for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, Winter is almost here!!! I do love to cosy up in the colder months though and create. There's nothing like being warm and dry listening to the rain on the roof and having the time to play!

Right Now

My beautiful 12 year old is not permitting any photos to be taken at the moment (the joys of an almost teenage girl!) so it has given me the chance to go through some of my old photos and reminisce

 Imaginarium Designs products used: 'Right Now' phrase (IDP0204), Nat's Hearts (IDD0042) and Leaves and Circles Flourish (IDFL0008)

The gorgeous 'Right Now' phrase has been inked using Versacolor Pinecone ink

I adore these hand drawn Nat's Hearts! These have been heat embossed in an aged gold. They have actually been used to cover up a mistake - I stuck something down but changed my mind and the paper ripped a little when I pulled  it up!!

This Leaves and Circles Flourish is absolutely stunning! Unfortunately I have hidden the circles under the frame but the detail on this piece is so beautiful

Tags in a Frame

I am currently attempting to clean out my craft room but keep getting distracted by all the things I keep finding (and making me realise how big my stash is!!!). I found some sheets with images on them and just had to make some tags :)
 Imaginarium Designs products used: Skeletal feather (IDD0058) and 4 Small Butterflies (IDT0014)

 The Skeletal Feathers and the Butterflies have both been heat embossed using an aged silver embossing powder:

By using an embossing powder to cover the chipboard, you don't lose any of the fine details in any of the chipboard like you could with paint

When you use an aged embossing powder you get the black pieces in the powder which breaks up the surface of the silver and creates a gorgeous patina effect

The detail on the butterfly is so beautiful:

Small Vintage Tags

I had so much fun creating some of these tags last month that when I found I had another pack of them I had to have another play!

 Imaginarium Designs products used: 5 Tags on a board (IDS0064) and Edward Relief Border (IDB0010)

Each tag was first covered in paper and then the edges sanded to smooth off all of the edges

All of the edges of the papers and images have been inked with Pinecone ink to help add to the vintage feel

The Edward Relief Border was heat embossed in an aged silver and then trimmed to fit each tag

The Border is absolutely beautiful and normally I wouldn't want to cut it into small pieces. Unfortunately I had closed a draw with the border caught in it and the damage meant I couldn't use it in one piece and rather than wasting it I used the parts I could!

Imaginarium Designs products used:

Nat's Hearts IDD0042

Leaves and Circles Flourish IDFL0008

Right Now Phrase IDP0204

 4 Small Butterflies IDT0014

Skeletal Feather IDD0058

5 Tags on a Board IDS0064

Edward Relief Border IDB0010

Thank you for joining me for my May post
Happy creating 
Sonia x

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