Thursday, March 15, 2018

Tea bag techniques

Hello friends! Here it's Solange Marques here!
I love the texture I can get with tea bags and today I'll share with you some art journal pages using them.

On this page I've used the tea bags on the background .
I've used  dried flowers , stamps and beeswax to create this page.

I've applied copper embossing powder on the chipboard and beeswax:

I've covered the butterflies chipboards with tea bags and I've applied embossing powder on the borders:

On the second page, I,ve used the tea bags to laminate feathers and dried flowers:

I've also covered the chipboards with tea bags and I've applied metallic copper paste:

On the third page, I've applied distress embossing powder on the chipboards and then I've applied acrylic gesso on the borders.

ID supplies:
IDS0003 8 Butterflies on board
IDS0018 9 Cogs on board
IDS0029 Four Birds on board
IDS0025 Thistles board
IDT0004 9 Cogs on board small
IDT0010 Balloons board small
IDFL0014 Jessica Florish
IDT012 Brackets Oval Frame Long
IDW0019 Compass with Travel Words

Tea Bags
Acrylic gesso, spray inks
copper embossing powder
distress embossing powder
metallic paste