Tuesday, January 16, 2018

It's Time to say Goodbye to Belinda

Another goodbye today for another friend.
Belinda has been on our team for a while and has been  a friend and fellow teacher for even longer. It has been a joy and privilege to know her. We will miss her on our team but wish her all the best for 2018. 
Belinda again is an all round scrapbooker, she makes amazing cards for Dark Room Door, does stunning project life, art journaling, and pocket letters, to say nothing of her amazing layouts. Of late she has taken up drawing and is now a master at it. Like everything she turns her hand to, it's not long before she is an expert and her work outstanding. 

I had so much fun going back over the blog and choosing my favourite Belinda's layouts. There were so many to choose from but here are a few I really liked. Belinda really is an expert at layering and her page above is an excellent example  of just how good she is at it. 

Belinda always surprises me with her work. She even has a dark side which she crosses over to from time to time. Her layout above show this. The layout was one she did on herself. Again her skill at layering is shown here.

This layout is a perfect example of  mixed media and shabby working well together. Belinda is a master of this and I just love this layout.

Again another example of Belinda's mixed media layout with a very cute photo.

This layout was another favourite of mine. Belinda does a lot of her work on kraft backgrounds and this one is a wonderful example of how you can add your own colour to your background to suit your photo. Again her layering on this layout is perfect, with the banners at the bottom giving her a foundation for adding more photos. She also uses our chipboard raw from time to time and I love the look she has achieved by doing this on her layout.

We do wish Belinda all the best with everything she does in 2018 and hope she has a wonderful year.
Please feel free to wish Belinda all the best.
Thanks for looking.

This should be our last farewell, so now we can start welcoming the Design Team for 2018. I can't wait to see what they all come up this this year.
Thanks for looking.

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