Sunday, January 21, 2018

Introducing the Superlative "Artsy" Artist that is Solange Marques.

Hello Everyone.
Today I get to introduce another mixed media master to you all. Solange and I go way back.  The first time we met was when we were both on the Graphic 45 Design team together quite a while ago. I loved her work then and the way she used mixed media products on her layouts and projects before anyone else in main stream scrapbooking was. Her work often has a whimsical feel to it and she is not afraid to use strong colours and interesting designs. She often blends her photos into her layouts by painting around them making them part of the page. I love her work, it is so different from anyone else. She really is an Artsy Artist.
Solange has been on our team since 2012. So  I went back through my folders and found some of the very first projects she ever did for us.

This is one of the first projects she ever did for us in 2012. It is still beautiful and has not dated in any way. This is the sign of a true artist, most of us change over the years or follow trends which can sometimes date our work. Solange has stayed true to her own style and this layout is a classic Solange project.

 This mini canvas was a project Solange did for us in 2014. You can see how she uses different mixed media products on her projects. You can also see what I mean by a whimsical look and strong colours.
I asked Solange to do a blurb on herself.

Hi, my name is Solange Marques.
I am from Brazil and I'm in love with a scrapbook since 2004.I am married to John for over 34 years and have five children: Camila (32), Alexandre (31), Bruno (28), Gabriela (22) and Miguel (17). We also have three grandchildren: Clara (9) ,Samuel (6), and Gustavo (1 month).They are always present in my creations.
I graduated in Architecture and Fine Arts (perhaps that explains my huge passion for paint and their constant presence in my projects.
I've worked in a bank as a jewelry appraiser for 27 years, but now I am retired and I can create in full time!
In a scrap I love mixing techniques, mainly involving paints and textures (watercolor, acrylic paint, modeling paste and a lot of mediums). I consider myself a mixed media artist and I love the artsy
One of Solange's whimsical layouts, again she has used strong colours  and blended her photos into her page. It's very clever and Solange is a master at this again I love the clean lines and the simplicity to her work.

Solange also does canvas/book covers and the one above is a great example of Solanges ability to do all styles of scrapbooking. This is one of her more grungy projects
Then for something different Solange also is a master a Shabby Chic. It is not often you have an artist that can do so many different styles. She really is in a league of her own. These three projects are just beautiful.

This layout again shows the way Solange works her photos into her backgrounds. It is so clever and I would love her to do a tutorial on how she makes it all work. She has used our flourish chipboard to create a wave effect and a frame to draw your eye to the photo. A couple of our butterflies finish the page beautifully.

Again another whimsical layout where Solange has used a photo of herself. She has added chipboard feathers to create interest around the nests on her layout. Lots of beautiful elements on this lovely layout.

Another layout on herself with lots of chipboard. Every piece has had a different finish to it.

I love this set of whimsical boxes It looks like a circus train full of performing animals just waiting for a train to take them on their journey.  Again lots of beautiful chipboard in each box.  
Every project shown here is a classic example of Solange's ability to do turn her hand to any style and make it work. It has been a privilege  to have her on our design team for such a long time and we are delighted that she is staying with us again this year.
Please feel free to leave a comment for Solange  welcoming her to our team for 2018.
I will be back tomorrow with another team member to welcome.

thanks for looking

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