Sunday, January 28, 2018

Introducing The Mixed Media Master and Beautiful Designer that is Tanya Palamarchuk.

Hello Everyone
Today I am thrilled to be introducing to you all, our other International Design Team Member - the beautiful Tanya Palamarchuk.
Tanya has been on our design team for a few years now. I love her work, her projects are so different from the other ladies on our team.
Tanya's designs are clean and fresh and I love her layering, it is so clever. Again she is a Master Scrapbooker who can turn her hand to anything, as you will see from the projects I have chosen to share with you all.  She also uses lots of mixed media techniques, along with traditional scrapbooking on her projects. Her work shows her talent at making her layouts and projects look so simple and elegant whilst still adding lots of bits and pieces. It is all to do with the way Tanya balances everything on her work and her use of negative space.

Tanya lives in Zhytomyr in the Ukraine. So as you can imagine English is not Tanya's first language. I don't have a bio from her and the translation of her profile on her blog was quite interesting. This is what I found that translated ok.

My name is Tanya Palamarchuk.
I live in Zhytomir, Ukraine.
I am crafter, scrapbooker, cardmaker and blog designer.
I have two children, they are all my inspiration and life.
I googled where Tanya lives and here is what I discovered.
Situated on three rocky hills, and surrounded by ancient forests, Zhytmyr is considered to be the gem of Polesia. This old city with a boisterous history, interesting landmarks and unique landscapes attracts more and more travellers each year.
Zhytomyr is famous for its numerous parks and public gardens, It is one of the greenest cities in the Ukraine. But the city's best quality is the charming happiness with which it welcomes its guests. It is not by chance that hospitably open gates were the city's ancient logo. Until today, the peaceful and comfortable Zhytomyr is open to everyone who wishes to learn about it's rich past and no less interesting present day life.
I also goggled the weather and while we swelter with a 42 C day today, Tanya will be rugged up and in front of a heater with her temp being -3 C.

 I wish I could share more of Tanya's story with you all and if I can get any more information I will.  But for now I want to show you some of Tanya's lovely mixed media layouts and projects.

 Tanya has created a beautiful mixed media foundation for her layout.
I love all the bits and pieces Tanya has collected and layered together. You can see what I mean about the balance of Tanya's work. Whilst the layout has lots of elements it still looks simple and modern.

 You can see all the embellishments  Tanya has collected for her layout, just look at what she has chosen to use, flowers, chipboard sequins and more. I love the elegant look to her layout.

I love this one, Tanya has taken one of our chipboard clocks and used it as a frame for her photo. I really like the way she didn't trim her photo to fit on the clock but rather allows her photo to hang outside the clock frame.  It looks so simple and elegant but interesting and perfectly balance. the red bling are the perfect touch. 
you can see the detail here and the way the clock frames her photo. One of our chipboard titles inked black finishes this lovely layout.

I think this is my favourite Tanya layout. You can see what I mean about the way Tanya balances her work. She has used the negative piece of one of our chipboards and painted it gold. She has also cut one of our titles into three pieces and used them to frame her photo.  Adding a bit of doily and the string across her page is just the perfect touch. Some paint dots and gold chipboard hearts finish her layout beautifully. A Simply Elegant layout and a great example of Tanya's wonderful work.

This was another one of Tanya's projects I found on her blog. I wish I could tell you more about it. I think it is a shadow box. I know the titles is chipboard but the rest I am unsure of.  I just know that I really like it. Again a lot of little bits and pieces simply put together to create a perfect off the page  project.
I did go back through Tanya's blog and found some of her earlier projects. This one shows how Tanya layers everything to add interest to her layout. 

It looks like she has used embossing powder on her chipboard flourish. She is so clever at making everything come together.

Tanya has created a stunning back ground for her page. I like the way she has trimmed around her photo and tucked all her bits and pieces under it. I love the fact that she has placed everything along the right edge of her page leaving all the negative space to the left. With such a stunning background, Tanya needs this space to balance her photo and embellishments.  Again another lovely Tanya layout. 
Just look at the amazing centre piece Tanya has created for this layout, so many elements collected and layered together. I just love it - where do I start. I love the strong colours she has used and the fact that her photo is still the focus, even though there is heaps to look at. A wonderful example of

Tanya's use of colour on her layout.
 Just look at this layout, Tanya has soften the background of her page by adding white paint. The splash of teal on her layout is just the right touch.

  Again Tanya has placed everything along the right edge of her page.  Don't you love all the elements she has added around her photo. One of our titles painted yellow really "pops" on the page. Tanya's confidant use of strong colour is show here.

To finish up, I have chosen another one of Tanya's white layouts. Tanya is so clever at this style of scrapbooking. Just look at how she has put her page together. You can see what I mean about clean lines and a modern feel to her work. She is so talented  and I am so delighted that we will be seeing more of her work on our blog this year.
Please feel free to leave a personal message for Tanya welcoming her back to our team for 2018.
See you all tomorrow with another design team member.
Thanks for looking


  1. love tanya's use of colour and minimalist design ..wish I could do it too lol

  2. Tanya what an amazing talent you are 💕