Thursday, July 6, 2017

How to store your Chipboard....

This month the Imaginarium Designs Girls are sharing how they store their chipboard!

How I store my chipboard I actually got from Natalie May. Natalie has probably 
moved on, but I've used these containers with handles for years
(yep I have a less organised system now xxxNat)


I've been looking around for a while to find a solution to my not so well organised system to storing my chipboard. My first storage idea to leave it in the pizza box it arrived in and then I had too much and couldn't find anything without going through all of it. Then I used 2 baskets separating the words/letters and the shapes etc. Still no joy in finding what I wanted with ease. So a couple of months ago a friend put me onto these storage drawers from Big W and ran straight down and grabbed 2. Whoo hoo I can now find what I need so much quicker and I can see what I'm running short of and need to order so much easier

Great ideas girls!
Thanks for sharing

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