Monday, May 1, 2017

Timepiece Triple Treat class

By Sue Smyth 

 Last week I taught this altered book at a class for Triple Treat featuring
lots of Imaginarium Chipboard.  
It is not often I get to do an altered book, because of the time issue 
and costs, but I ventured forth and we all managed to get most of 
it done.

Here are some close ups for those who still need to place 
items on the cover.
Notice the wrapped arrows, the head covered with 
metal shim, the shaft wrapped with cotton fibre and
small pearls to cover the flight.

And the Faux opal in the bottle cap, made with my glitter mix and
dimensional magic, you can keep 
adding dimensional magic until it reaches the 
top of the cap so it looks like a resin opal.

Add small drops of Pearl drops to the 
Roman Numerals so they look aged and vintage.
I hope you all got to complete your timepiece 
and will now use it with pride ...
It was such a joy and complete fun, teaching along
with Jane Tregenza and of course the full of life Kelly-ann Oosterbeek.

Happy Crafting 

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  1. Thank you for creating an amazing class project - you are very clever!!