Friday, April 21, 2017

Curious Creatures 
By Sue Smyth 

Hi Bloggers
As you may know I love bugs and butterflies, so this month
I have combined both to create some rather Curious Creatures,
which one is your favourite 

I found some deep sided frames at Target and 
though they were just perfect for a project I had in mind

Recently I had bought a butterfly and scorpion that 
had been framed and I thought what if I mix
it up a bit and make my own hybrid bug.

This little fellow is a mix of frog and butterfly, I call butterfly frog.
I have used 2 sizes of ID chipboard butterfly 
and tucked some wings under neath 
The frog is painted black with 
matt black spray paint first then when 
dry paint with black gesso.
Rub over 2 contrasting colours of Inka gold 
or metallic paint.

This is the dragon fly and scorpion I call it dragon scorpion.
Here I have snipped the wings of ID dragonfly and embossed
with a metallic blue, then I have added 
wings underneath.
The plastic scorpion is painted the same as above.

I wanted to matt them on white 
to resemble the examples and what you would see in a 

For some bling the 2mm gemstones are just perfect.
Adhere them with a little extra glue for a good bond.

The last one I created is a combination of rhinoceros beetle 
and butterfly, I might call this one rhino fly

He is decorated the same way as the above, I have 
used some of the ID chevrons too here on the back and
also above on the scorpion.
Just little details that add to the decoration

The Frames I sprayed black, and then 
rubbed over gold paint and 
some of Prima's waxes for the insect like iridescence.

Happy Crafting  


  1. The Scorgionfly is amazing and the Frotgerfly is a true delight! The Rhino Beetlefly is beautiful with its rich colors! Awesome mad scientist. Creations! TFS!

  2. These are soooooo pretty .... I wish bugs in real life looked half as stunning ... then they wouldnt be so creepy!! lol These are incredibly creative Sue and a fantastic way to use chipboards, thanks for sharing these little treasures :)

  3. I just love the way your mind works.... you're amazingly creative!!