Sunday, July 17, 2016

Guest Designer Krisy

Hi Everyone,
Krisy here again!
Today's layout doesn't feature people.  It's all about a memory.
A memory for me as a kid and a memory that my daughter is making everytime she walks past dandelion fuzzy and has to stop to blow it and make a wish.
I often take photos of things I want to remember but don't do anything with them.
Lately I have scrapped a few of these "memories" and it is a really lovely addition to my albums.

For this layout I used a whole lot of inks, Colour Paste from ColourBlast Australia and stamping to create a grunge background and then I added a bit of texture before adding my chipboard.

The chipboard I embossed with Colour Blast Embossing Powders in Leather, Steel and Bling (AKA GOLD).  To create the two toned effect on the dragonfly, the title and frame I just sprinkled a bit of a second colour onto the base colour while the first was still hot and then heated them both. And then repeated the process for a third colour. The colours melt together to give a awesome metallic effect and they don't go murky at all which is really nice..  The trick to make the chipboard really shiny is more than one coat of embossing powder to make sure the coverage is nice and thick.

This layout is vintagey but grungy.  I really love it.  It's great how a coat of embossing powder can transform chipboard so easily.  I think it still needs some journalling to make sure the memory is really captured.  So I will add that before it goes into my album.

Have a great day... Happy Making Stuff.

Krisy xx


  1. beautiful it doesn't need a photo of people

  2. What a wonderful idea!! Memories are made from many things other than people so why not scrap those inanimate items also? I think it is a wonderful idea and your layout is GORGEOUS! TFS!