Wednesday, December 23, 2015

"On A Mission" Projects

Hi, everyone. Carol here today. Wish you all a Blessed Christmas!! Sharing 2 projects today: a mini album for my boy and a miniature Mermaid Cove. I have alot of pictures to share today. So take out your hot cocoa and cookies and slowly read along.

"Boy On A Mission"

Created this mini album to record the perserverance of my boy when he's just a baby. When he want something he will keep on trying and even "nagging" to get his way. Often he makes me cry because of his persistence. But still God created him to be so adorable that I won't stay angry at him for long. LOL..

For the front cover, I leave the Denise's Art Deco chipboard raw and I cut it to half to form the frame behind the title. I painted the title chipboard with black glitter paint and the star chipboard with yellow glitter paint.

Throughout the mini album, I used a mixture of raw chipboards and painted (mainly with glittery paints) chipboards to embellish. And I pop up all photos with foam tape.

The quest to reach toys begin.... despite me using boxes, chairs and rocker chair to block him from reaching....

Love the look of my boy in the last picture. Its as if he's challenging me. Lol.

Some cute yet fustrating things he do: What I put behind the shelf purposely, he found way to "go in" and reach it and of course bite it. LOL.

New found freedom!!! His first walk with the walker. Love how his expression change when he's let loose!!!!

"Magical Mermaid Cove"

It's been my wish and one of my to do project to make a miniature mermaid cove. But had no idea what I'm going to do. When I saw this new Edith and Wendy frames, I knew I had to make a "underwater pond" with them. Look how pretty the 2 frames are when layered together.

I used this glass dome bought from a stationery shop and found a round wood base from Artfriend. The ooak mermaid is bought from a etsy shop.

Painted the round wood base and floor of glass dome with mixture of gesso, texture paste and light blue acrylic paint and tiny blue pebbles (bought from Daiso). Then use a mixture of Prima 3D gloss gel and Prima blue mica powder and micro beads to create texture.

In the glass dome, you can see one area when there's a circle of paints. That's the spot where I will create the pond. I added some pebbles(picked during a vacation in Desaru, Malaysia's beach) and shells and also pour in some micro beads randomly unto the wood base, adhering them with the 3D gloss gel.

Then I adhered the colorful fake corals inside the dome. On the yellow coral, I also adhered moss and bottles of "magical potion" I made with Woodland Scenic Realistic Water, mists, glitters and mica powders. I added moss and sequins, beads etc around the wood base and floor of glass dome too.

Also added moss and microbeads and pearls to "rocks".

Glued 2 shells together with Liquitex Heavy Gel. Love how strong the gel is.

Then I also added moss, microbeads and pearls to back of them to conceal the heavy gel (though it dry clear).

For the inside of the shells, I use same mixture of Prima 3D gloss gel, mica powder and microbeads to create water effects. Also added clear jewelry beads and sequins inside. This is the fountain that I'm creating for the pond. For the top of fountain, I added a raw gear chipboard and tiny shells and micro beads to deco it.

Here are some other stuff that I embellish with moss and beads.

Made these 2 "magical glass balls" with my girl's marbles and some jewelry findings. Then colored the findings with mixture of mica ppowder and 3D gloss gel and microbeads.

To create the fountain look, I made the flowing water with Woodland Scenic Water Effects. Squeezed some out on freezer paper and use toothpick to create some texture, let dry. Once dry, I peeled them off and glued to the shell fountain level to level with Water Effects. After the whole thing is dry, I pour into the fountain with Realistic Water to create the waters.

Here's the result after all is dried. It's my first attempt in creating this fountain look.

I also made 2 tiny faux leather spell books. Love the tiny gear and leaf chipboards!!!!! Perfect for the cover. Painted them with acrylic paints. For the gear, I even add crackle paint. Then I add microbeads and glass glitters with 3D gel on them.

Inside the tiny spell books I even hand written some "spells" I found off Pinterest. After stitch the pages, I also distressed each page with distress inks. Here you can also see the back of the books with a flap and the closure.

I also made a tiny pen with wire, beads. I glued the last bead unto wire with Beacons glue.

Here's the finished Mermaid Cove. I leave most chipboards raw. Below are more pictures of the details.

Love the fountain and pond so much. Its the main highlight of the cove.

I placed the 2 spell books in the tiny boat. Also added a raw gear chipboard in front of boat and moss.

At the entrance, I glued the hexagon chipboard negative and the tiny arrow as signage.

Here's a list of chipboards I used for both projects:

Hope you enjoy my sharing and like the projects I made. I really adore using chipboards for my miniatures. Gave me so many inspirations and ideas. Thanks Imaginarium Designs for the wonderful and beautiful chipboards.

Thanks all for dropping by and reading through this long post. Once again, Blessed Christmas to all!!


  1. Carol... I dont know what to say... Your mermaid cove is AWESOME, GORGEOUS, IMPRESSING !! What a lot of fabulous details. You impress me by having that much patience to create such a master piece. You are truly so very talented !!
    And your journal is also very fantastic. A lot of work as well.
    Thank you for sharing these pieces af true art.
    I wish you a Merry Christmas.
    Hugs from Monica.... Spain

  2. WOW wow WOW
    FABULOUS journal and MAGICAL Mermaid Cove - the tiny details are AMAZING, a true piece of ART!!!
    THANK YOU for sharing your CREATIVE INSPIRATION and tutorial Carol ... maybe ONE day I can try my hand at making a miniature piece to enjoy too :)

  3. I am mesmerized by your magical and enchanting Mermaid Cove! Every little detail just adds to the magical feel of this wonderful piece! Love the little books and pen, the fountain and coral! You should be extremely proud of this amazing creation! Thank you for sharing your hard work with me!

  4. Cute album. The Mermaid
    Cove is awesome! How
    wonderful to look at.
    Carla from Utah

  5. Carol, your projects are absolutely divine, and so inspiring. Beautiful work! <3