Wednesday, May 6, 2015

It's Birthday Month ...

It is a big month here in our house .... today my husband is having a birthday 
and in a day or so I am celebrating one as well.

So I thought I'd get the girls to make some Birthday themed projects this month.

Everyone loves a handmade card or gift!

I cant wait to share some of the amazing gifts and cards that they have created for me!

First up Romy has created this gorgeous Steampunk G45 card (one of my fave ranges) using our cogs!


Agnieszka has made this super sweet girly card - LOVE IT!

 And finally Solange has made this divine card featuring our ID frame and mixing up the fonts!

Thanks so much girls!

Hope you are all having a great day!


  1. Happy Birthday to you
    guys and all the cards
    are so beautiful!
    Carla from Utah