Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sue Smyth Imaginarium post

Bling Princess and decorated Pringle Tin
By Sue Smyth 

Hi Bloggers and friends 
This is my contribution this month!
I have had this foam head for a while in my workshop.
And have had a lot of ideas running through my
head as to how to alter it.
So finally this is it.

But I need help! 

If anyone has ideas on what to call it
please leave a comment.
I kind of thought a bling princess or android, but 
it is kind of mermaidish to.
Except it has wings, so I am not really sure
what she is

I have had so much on lately, I did not even
take photos of it as I was making it.
So sorry no little tutorial.
Instead I just took lots of
photos for you to enjoy of the details

To start with any styro foam, you must paint
it with a PVA based glue. This protects it
from any chemicals that may eat the foam.
You can then use this as a base to paint
with gesso and decorate as you would a canvas.

I wanted to make a crown, and started with a corner flourish
and a metal trinket. But as I worked I kept adding things and that got a
little lost.
I had lots of long pearl hat pins,and just kept 
putting them in until I was happy.
Then I found large rhinestones and pearls in my stash
and had to include them.
And some awesome glass tiles.
It is funny how you find more and more things that 
suit when you rummage through your stash.

I have used Finnabairs gold roses, which if you 
paint with gesso and spray come up like a 
metal rose.
I have also used chipboard either side as a vine
or leaves, always consider
snipping chipboard up.

To adhere chipboard onto a curve, first dampen it with
water, then adhere with PVA type of glue.
In this case I could insert pins to help it bond.

I love how some of the styro has almost
changed into a reptilian look.
I have used false eyelashes and pins for eyebrows to give the 
styro head a little character.

I did not just want to decorate the 
head, that would have been predictable.
So using the fact that chemicals will
eat the foam, I cut a hole in the head 
and sprayed paints and glue into it
until I had a nice eroded look.
Then I have added cogs to look
like the inside workings of an Android brain! 

The back must always look nice too.
I have used the large butterfly, feathers and a smaller 
monarch butterfly to create a set of layered wings.

First I have painted them black, with spray paint.
Then I have layered over metallic paints, rubbing 
them in with my finger. Around the edge of
the large butterfly I have adhered small beads 
for texture.
The feathers have lots of white linen dylusions 
flicked over them before I have rubbed
in metallic paint.

Nice close up of the brain cavity !
Again the cogs have been painted black first,
then gold and purple metallic paint rubbed in.
Once in place I have used liquid pearls to add 

I have used the peacock feathers as my colour palette.
When adhering rhinestone swirls 
add a little extra glue to give a great bond, 
as often the adhesive is not strong enough.

I have added old earrings, beads and rhinestones for 
texture and shine.

Here I have used the hexagonal chipboard, 
both the positive and negative pieces as 
a base on the head. To soften
the look, I have sprayed muslin and
tucked it around the back an sides.

Add lots of bling to the head piece for a rich look.

Here are some of the chipboard shapes
but there are probably too many to remember 

Imaginarium Chipboard

My next project is a
 humble pringle tin altered. 

First cover the tin with and gel medium and layer
over hand towel or textured wall paper.
When dry then coat with gesso, and spray with inks 
as usual.

Rub over with gold paint to highlight the texture.

I have painted the heart with gesso first, then sprayed
with Red dylusions, then coat with dimensional magic.

Sprinkle with red micro beads and allow to dry.
I have snipped in half to use it.

I love using glitter as a colouring agent, it is not just
for sparkle.
For the doiley I have painted it with gesso, inked it
with turquoise ink and coated with Dimensional magic.
sprinkle with turquoise glitter and allow to dry.
The glitter will sink down into the Dimensional magic
and you will have very little glitter shed.

Add lots of pearls as a contrast and some black
eyelash fibre.

Happy Crafting
Don't forget to leave a comment !!!


  1. Gorgeous! And so unique!
    Lots of work on your head,
    love all those gears! And
    your pringle can is so
    Carla from Utah

  2. The altered bust is incredible, I am just in awe of all the details, the colors are amazing, and love the eye lashes too! A big well done on that exquisite creation... And I am not sure what you could call her..she is a mix of something mechanical and reminds me of a female budda.. And lovely altered box too..

  3. Japan: from Okayama.
    I will introduce my hometown.
    From Japan : "Four Seasons of Okayama Korakuen Garden and Okayama Catsle"

  4. WOW - you have worked MAGIC on your GORGEOUS Bling Princess Sue, LOVE the detailed design and colour combo!!!
    Your pringle tin has been transformed from TASTY to DELIGHTFUL - LOVE IT, might have to get a pack and eat it ... in the name of art :)
    THANK YOU for sharing these STUNNING pieces!!!