Sunday, February 22, 2015

Imaginarium Designs Tutorial with Sue

Fence Paling layout 
and Cog canvas (The works)

By Sue Smyth 
I saw how to make this distressed paint look on You Tube.
So I thought I would do my version and share it with you. 

Start with ordinary 12 x 12 chipboard and paint with gesso.  Dry with heat gun between each step.

When dry paint with ordinary acrylic brown paint.  Roughly is fine, no need for neatness here!

Randomly wipe over Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly.  Use gloves if you do not like the feeling (like me)

Random streaks is what we are looking for, all going vertically down the board.
Paint with blue acrylic paint of your choice.

Now wipe off paint with a wet wipe, don't scrub too much as you can take too much off. You will get a feel for it after a time.

Swipe with Vaseline again.

Paint with a paler turquoise paint,dry off with heat gun.

Swipe over with Vaseline again and paint with Naples Yellow acrylic paint( or pale yellow)

Dry with a heat gun.

Wipe off with wet wipe.

Swipe with Vaseline again.

Now paint with a final coat of gesso, roughly is good again no need to be super neat.

Wipe off with wet one, now if you want to you can be rougher and scrub back wherever you like.

Add some flicks of spray inks if you desire.

Then cut into 4 equal panels and rough up edges with a blade.

You can add scratches and scrapes to the panel as desired.

Adhere panels across a dark brown cardstock, using the left overs as beams.
This forms the base for a great layout or off the page piece.

I have created a girly layout, but this would suit just about any theme.  

I have painted the swirl with 2 coats of gesso. Dry and then ink the sides with pearlescent poppy ink.
Use opal liquid pearls to free form a pattern over the painted chip. 

Handy Hint
If your liquid pearls dries flat, just apply another coat carefully that will sit on top of the original line.

Ink the shapes with pearlescent poppy, dry and apply a coat of dimensional magic and
sprinkle liberally with white glitter.

Add some enamel dots for accents

Butterfly is painted with gesso first, then inked with Night sky ink, rub a little pearlescent poppy to the centre.
Spray with a silver spray glitter, dry brush edges  with metallic purple paint. 
Adhere pearlescent beads to the centre for detail.

A nice close up of the peeling palings. I hope you have a go at making them too. 

My next project is called THE WORKS.
I have had the idea of a full canvas with only cogs for some time in my head, but was not sure on the
colour scheme. I saw a glimpse of a painting in a TV ad and it gave me the colour scheme I wanted.

To do the clock and compass I have sprayed with flat black paint first. Then dry brushed over metallic gold paint, dry with a heat gun allow it to bubble and blister. Spritz with a teal spray ink and heat with heat gun.
Then sprinkle randomly with gold embossing powder and again heat with heat gun.

I have added micro beads to the large clock and for the compass while the embossing powder 
is hot and soft I have stamped the cap of my spray ink into it

The background has be dry brushed with metallic gold paint, after spraying with an assortment of spray inks.

Some of the cogs have been embossed with gold embossing powder and layered together
with gold buttons and brads.

Build up layers with metallic charms and smaller cogs

Trim out photos to sit inside frames, adhere to the backs with a gel glue.

Add trinkets and charms that reflect the subject matter in the photos.

For the background, I have popped out all of the cogs after I have sprayed them all with flat black spray paint, and used the negatives. Adhere them to the canvas with gel medium and allow to dry.

Then spray with a mixture of inks, I have started with black and dark brown around the sides.
And blended in yellow and white for the centre. This gives the sense of light in the middle of the canvas.

Imaginarium products
For layout 

For Canvas 

Happy Crafting 


  1. Wow!!! These are INCREDIBLE!!! Love your peeling paint fence!!! TFS

  2. Oh my, wonderful layouts!
    Lots of work here and they
    look great!
    Carla from Utah

  3. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING layout and canvas Sue!!!
    WOW - I am IN AWE of BOTH!!!
    GORGEOUS colours and AMAZING textures!!!
    THANK YOU for sharing the techniques - I'm feeling TOTALLY INSPIRED!!!

  4. Whoa baby!! These are both absolutely A M A Z I N G ! ! ! Definitely going to try the paling technique! Very intriguing!
    LOVELOVELOVE the Cogs layout! Magnificent color choice! TFS!