Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Year love and wishes from Dina

Hello to you!

What a magical and joyful beginning of winter for me!
This is a wonderful gift, the best! I'm happy to be in such a wonderful team. So many new friends and incredible inspiration.

My name is Dina and I'm a happy mom to a charming daughter.
She is my joy, my big little happiness, my main inspiration and judge my work. Kate loves to draw, cut, glue and create interesting projects.
I was born and live in a snowy Karelia in northwestern Russia.
I have a wonderful job and I love my work. I am a decorator for weddings and other celebrations.
I am a trained artist so I like different kinds of creativity. But scrapbooking - this is the most important and my favorite.
My favorite style in scrapbooking is Shabby chic.
All my works have bright colors, all shades of pink, handmade items, a lot of lace and flowers and I love carved elements, elegant chipboard. Most often with chipboard I paint it white and add glitter, or craquelure.
Something is always happening in my life and in art, have ups and downs, but always near scrapbooking.

My daughter and I are very fond of being photographed. 
Every year during winter holidays, we go to the AnnaKids photo studio. It is always a fairy tale, magic and a great mood.

I love to look at the fire and dream

 My favorite winter scrap projects:

 My favorite winter wedding decor projects:

 Fabulous snowy winter in Karelia:

I'll try to do my best to please you with their works

Congratulations to all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 
Let everything be perfect for you and your loved ones will always let time for creativity!
With love Dina.