Sunday, July 13, 2014

Travel Book by Evgenia Sokolinskaya

Hi Imaginarium Designs fans!
Today I'm going to share with you first Travel Book I ever made and I'm really excited because it was my dream to finally create one. I will take it with me on our future trip. And of course it is totally filled with amazing Imaginarium chipboard! I will also share with you some tips I have used.
So let's start looking. There are going to be A LOT of photos! :)

For the cover I have used half of Clock and Compass 

A tiny compass and the word "travel" are from the Travel Snap Shots with Compass set.

The needle of the compass can be rotated and it is taken from Chris' small Arrows and shapes Board.

And of course the cutest oval frame which is blank yet and I will fill name of the country later.

This is how the first page looks like.

Letters used are from the Main Letter Set Lower Case (small). I painted it with white and then with red. It helps to make the colour brighter.

("&" is from Chris' small Arrows and shapes Board set I mentioned above)
One of the main decoration elements I used is Embellishment 4 (6 on board) set. I have used it in different sizes.

Tip 1: I have used acrylic sheets which I stamped. Such sheets can be placed above photo to make interesting effects.
Here's one more example.

Leaves and Circles Flourish Tiny (2 on Board).

Tip 2: I have used stripes from same acrylic sheets to place large chipboard phrases. It looks interesting and also helps to add dimention to my travel book.

Special Memories.

Adventure Lies Around Every Corner.

Tip 3: I have also added envelopes which I filled with some tiny chippies and words I want to take with me to add later.

Treasured Memories.

Stars and tiny hearts are from Christmas Tree board.

And more ID words.

Remember Forever together (on board).

Check the "words" product section HERE to find best for your project.

I really hope that you enjoyed this project and it will inspire you to create your own travel book.
Sorry if this post was too long.

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  1. Женя, крутейшая книжечка вышла!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Особенно меня впечатлила идея с фразами из Имаджинариума на акриловых полосках! Обалденный эффект!
    Пусть здесь будут храниться самые прекрасные воспоминания от ваших путешествий! Приятного отдыха и ярких впечатлений!

  2. Wauw, that absolutly great!!
    Hugs Juanita

  3. Your travel book is perfect to journal and add pictures. Great use of the chipboard. Thanks for the tips!

  4. Olya, Juanita, Mimi, thank you so much! :)

  5. Soo cool! I want one to! :) I believe I have to make one myself :)