Sunday, June 15, 2014

Tutorial mixed media canvas

Hi, today I'll share with you some  mixed media canvas using ID chipboards.
They are very simple and fast to make and they are great options for decorate your home or for a gift to a friend.

I made a tutorial for this:

1. Using a mask, you must apply modeling paste on the canvas.

2. Glue down ID chipboards.

 3. Cover all of them using acrylic gesso.

4. Apply crackle paste on the bordes:

5.Apply spray inks.

6. Use a little of acrylic gesso to clear some places.

It is very easy, isn't it?

Here more an example of the canvas using ID chipboards:


IDS0032 Butterfly  Extra Large
IDS0010 Hot Air Balloons
IDDL0006 Skeletal Feather
Acrylic Gesso
Modeling Paste
Spray Inks
The Crafter's Workshop Stencil
Prima Stencil
Junkyard Findings Ingvild Bolme
Prima Resins Butterflies
Prima stamps
Prima flowers

I hope you enjoy it!

Please leave a comment for a chance to win Imaginarium Designs chipboard.


  1. Beautiful canvas. Backgrounds and colors are awesome.

  2. You make it look so simple! Lovely canvasses.

  3. I agree, you make it look so easy... As a crafter who tries this & never gets it looking so wonderful, I start to wonder... Lol
    Joking aside, these are stunning! Did you do a video or tutorial for the 3rd more complex one?
    Every time I visit ID, my only hope is that one day they will retail in UK. Or I'll need to emigrate.... Tfs :)

    1. Thanks Caroline. I have videos of projects more complex. My channel on youtube is:

  4. These canvases look wonderful!