Saturday, February 22, 2014

Colourful Canvas and Baby Layout By Sue Smyth

I am so happy to be continuing on with another year of creativity, chipboard is so versatile, I don't think I will ever lack ideas. So I hope to come up with some fabulous ways
to alter chip to inspire you all again this year.

My first project is a colourful canvas inspired by Miranda Edney who created a canvas with old brushes last year. So when I found a whole bucket of stiff old brushes at my father's farm when we were clearing it out
I had to use them. My brushes were a lot nastier than Miranda's were so I had to paint them all with a 
thick coat of white paint. Then I adhered them, along with some old foam brushes
 to my canvas with loads of gel medium and set a side for weeks and weeks. 

So after Christmas, the New year and CHA, I came back to it to make my first 
project for the year. I wanted to make my canvas colourful and include lots of chippie and trinkets.
So I really let my head go.

The result is a little in your face, with colour and flowers, loads of texture and very busy
but that is me, it looks like I have thrown up colour lol

Most of the chipboard is painted with gesso before inking black or I have 
wiped gold paint over the top. I have also adhered a variety of 
chip over the back ground with gel medium 
and they were painted with gesso along coat over the  
brushes too.

To create the rainbow effect I have sprayed Dylusions over the gesso coat starting with warm
red colours and working along to the cool blues and purples. The gesso soaks
up some of the intensity so they mellow nicely into a rainbow effect.

I have then wiped black gesso around the edges and dry brushed in 
between the brushes to make the panel of brushes stand out from the canvas.
Then I have rubbed a layer of gold paint over the brushes and chip.
Lastly I have decorated with trinkets, chip and flowers. If a flower
does not match, of course just spray it with Dylusions and dry off.

This is a great chance to use up all your old embellishments and trinkets
you cannot bear to use, because you want to keep them. And of course old brushes.

I plan on hanging this in my work shop for a colour reference and 

Chippie used:

Baby Layout
This is a photo of my daughter barely 1 week old. Of course she is now 13 years old, but it is
always nice to go back and revisit old photos with some of the new
tools and ideas

I found this awesome paper in Micheal's in Anaheim, it is lots of small sequins adhered
to cardstock. To tone down the shine, I applied gesso 
over the top. This may seem like sacrilege, but often
sequins and glitter as just too shine!  

Underneath the photo I have bunched muslin into pleats and adhered
a rose at every gather.

A simple red heart is covered in Dimensional Magic and sprinkled
with a little glitter.

On the side I have pleated cardstock and added the Cherry blossom

Chipboard used 

Happy Crafting 
and dont forget to leave a comment
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  1. Amazing projects Sue..I especially love the brush canvas. I really love how you colored the brush hairs…amazing my friend!!!! xo

  2. Wow Sue, I see a lot of brushcanvasses, but this is the most beautiful !! A lot of color and stuff, it looks like a festival , joy and fun!! Super. The babylayout is very sweet, that paper looks great with the sequins. Why dont we have shops like this here? Well, I can put gel and throw a few sacks on it :) Great work on both!

  3. Wow the canvas is incredible, so wonderful.. great to see the old paint brushes put to good use on display.. all the texture and color only adds to the extraordinary end result.. and then the soft delicate baby layout which is so adorable and sweet..

  4. its absolutely amazing! the canvas- one of the best creations i have ever seen...

  5. I have to say that your canvas jumped out at me straight away... wow what a wonderful way to upcycle old brushes, and how appropriate for an artist's canvas! Beautiful use of colour and I love all the texture that the chippies add.

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