Thursday, June 27, 2013

Two cards + "Wooden-look" chipboard tutorial / by Evgenia Sokolinskaya

Hello everyone!
This month I prepared two cards and small tutorial to share with you!
I will start with this 3D summer card.

I wish I could sit like that somewhere in a beautiful garden with a book, instead of going to a stuffy office every day! Ok, at least I will imagine it while looking on this card :)
I used window with shutters and door chipboard to create 3D effect on this card (I colored it with acrylic paint).

I also used flourishes to add more volume.

Really like the bicycle!

I cut tulip corner in the middle to create these small pretty flowers.

All flourishes I covered with white paint and when it dried I used colored pencils. 

Window with lattice & shutters - IDS0016

Lattice Door - IDS0038

Girl Silhouette - IDS0023

Bicycle (Small) - IDT0018

Kerri Flourish Tiny (2 per board) - IDT0026

Tulip Corner 4 per board - IDC0005

Second project today is a card for a man.
I had so much fun creating the background!

I used two packs of cogs - large and small.

Today I will show you how I make such cool wooden-look chipboard surface (this method is especially good for alpha's and numbers).

 All you need is a piece of crepe paper and some liquid glue.
Crepe paper becomes wet from glue and it allows modeling the edges easily.

Hope you enjoyed the result!

9 Cogs on board (Small) - IDT0004

Perfect Man - IDP0021

That's all for today! I will be glad if you leave me a comment!
See you next month! :)



  1. Super-drooper awesome summer card. i love everything about it.
    And how clever of you to use crepe paper forvthe chipboard, never thought of it.TFS

  2. Женя, первая открыточка настоящее произведение искусства! Прям как картина!Очень нравится!
    Вторая оригинальная!Надпись бесподобно смотрится!

  3. Wow, just amazing work…I love how you altered the little bicycle and the gears are yummy grunge!!!

  4. Gorgeous cards and great tute never thought to use crepe paper I will have to give it a go TFS

  5. Wow, such amazing cards! I truly love the gorgoeus little scenery on the first one.