Saturday, May 18, 2013


How quick the days pass, and its my time again to post. My passion for cloche's continue I think thou I have enough now. I have used for the main piece  Billboard Window, I however have altered it just a little to accommodate my love of dimension, I think thats why chipboard is so fantastic.

the reverse

 On the back is a removable little booklet held on with ribbon

 without the booklet

  And for something completely different a male inspired card
 inside of the card.
The chipboard I used on my designs

Bill Board - Window with shutters Code:IDAA0004

Remember Forever together Code:IDW0007  

Clock and Compass 4 1/2 inch diameter Code:IDS0062 

Monarch Butterfly Code:IDS0059

Embellishment 8 Code:IDS0014   

Small Clock Face (no hands) 3 on board Code:IDS0036 

For more information on the products I have used drop over to my blog 


  1. How amazing are these projects? I love the details and displaying in a cloche is a fab idea.

  2. Gosh, your work is amazing!I really love that cloche!

  3. delightful creative inspiration

  4. Absolutley wonderful. What range of paper was used for the cloche?

  5. Wow, they are just stunning Denise!