Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Maiko's Project

I am Maiko from Japan.
I want to share my project today !

I designed  a layout like a stamp.
Here it is.

I like this shape!
This is clock and compas design but I used as the design of the watermark.

The price of a stamp is "13"because it's 2013 this year.

This phrase is small but I think it's useful ! So I often their size phrases in my projects.

I added the texture on this skeletal feather with ceramic stacco and white acrylic paint.
This design is so beautiful!
I recommend this to you !!

I hope you like it.
Have your scrapbooking time !!

xx Maiko

My using list


  1. Very cool and beautiful, I love every detail!!!!

  2. It's such a gorgeous, soft lay-out! I really love that little envelope.

  3. Your projects/creations are always so beautiful ...