Friday, August 17, 2012

Cards with Natalie

Hi there,

Natalie here again!

I have a couple of things to show you today!

This page was so much fun to create - the beautiful photo made it easy!
Let me introduce you to Miss Emily! Emily is 5 years old and the daughter of my best friend, Lee.
Emily is such a pleasure to photograph and I love scrapbooking her.
You'll see a lot more of this beautiful creature in my crafty projects in the future!

For this page, I used a sweet range from Kaisercraft called Miss Match. 
The ID chipboards are all covered in cream spray paint. I was after a nice simple but consistent effect.

I used the following ID chipboard ...

Lower Case letters IDALC0001

Twig (2 on Board) IDFL0013

Mirrored Bracket on oval frame IDFR0005

Long Swirly Flourish (Small) IDFL0011 

 Brackets on Oval Frame Long (2 on a board) IDT0012 

 Also, I'm a bit of a card maker! I an totally in love with colouring with my Copic Markers at the moment and have made a few little cards using these super cute stamps from LaLa Land.

For this first card, I coated the butterfly in Gesso and then lightly inked with Prima inks and for the leaves, they are also inked with Prima ink and lightly coated in Memory Mist

With this one, I covered the train track border in
washi tape! I admit it was fiddly but looks very cute!

The train track boarder has been inked in chalk ink and then stamped with a woodgrain stamp!

And lastly the birdcage is inked with Prima ink and I coated the butterfly in Gesso
and then lightly inked with Prima inks


I used the following chipboard...

4 Small Butterflies with cut out wings in board IDT0014
 Bird Cage (2 in pack) IDS0009

Train Track Border IDB0006

So thats it from me for the time being!

Have a great day and you can see more of my work on my blog. - Natalie



  1. Gorgeous, love the spray painted look Natalie... looks so nice.. must try it. Your cards are delightful...

  2. Beautifully done Natalie, I love your layering!!

  3. Sweet creative inspiration Natalie