Sunday, March 11, 2012

Altered Art Projects from two different and very talented ladies

I have something special to share with you. 

Altered Art and Mini Projects are one of my favorite forms of scrapbooking and today I have a real treat for you all. 

Asuka and Adriana both have made two totally different projects, that I am going to share with you. 
I am sure you will love both of them!

First Adriana's, project, she has called it "Hope".

She has used one of our new Altered Art kits, I call them bill boards and I love what you can do with them.

I love all the little bits and pieces, isn't the bird and nest the cutest thing you're seen.
Adriana has used a bit of our fence at the back.

IDB0005 Heart Top Fence

IDL0012 Edward Relief

I love how she has used one of our Edward Relief embellishments for a feature at the top of her project and placed a flower in the middle of it to finish it.

She has even managed to hang a bird cage onto the prima vine, so clever.
IDT0019 Bird Cages (4 per Board)

This view shows it side on, you can see all the detail, little flowers and eggs is it so cute.

Even the back is beautiful done, she has included a poem about hope as well. The matching corner looks so nice with the top chipboard embellishment.

IDC0008 Edward Relief Corners

Anyone would love to receive a gift like this, and wouldn't it be fun to make.
If you would like to see more of Adriana's work then visit her blog
Adriana Bolzon

Now for Asuka's Altered Art Project...... She is the master of mini projects.

As you can see from the above photo, this project is tiny, but still has lots of wonderful detail. Asuka uses lots of different techniques on her work. She love texture paste and she must use buckets of it.

I wish we could see inside, wouldn't you love a peek! I am sure is just as wonderful inside as it is outside.
IDT0014  4 Small Butterflies
She has used some our small butterflies and has added pearls to their bodies.

IDW0028 4 Love words on a board

I wish I could speak or read Japanese then I could ask her exactly how she makes these wonderful projects.
To see more of Asuka's work visit her blog.

Thanks so much Adriana and Asuka for sharing your wonderful Altered Art Projects with us today.


  1. 2 fabulous projects ! I love Asuka's mini !!! It is amazing !

  2. sensational and soooooooooooooo inspiring .. thanks to both of you wonderful artists x

  3. Wowza!!!!!!!! Incredible projects, lovely work!!!!!!

  4. Gorgeous projects! Shared on this post on the Paper Secrets forum!

  5. Love them both. I need one of those bill boards kits! I want to make something fun! hee hee

  6. Asuka's mini book is just adorable!!! So much inspiration from all your talented DT once again!