Thursday, August 4, 2011

Check these out.... from some of our Design Team !!!

These first two are from Heather Jacob. Heather they are just beautiful (as usual)... I love the way you have used the two tone colours on your embellishment and letters you shine.!!

This Just you lay-out is another gorgeous one Heather. Your colours again are so very sweet. The chipboard in the white and green are so effective.

Now we have something completely different from Louise. You are totally amazing Lou and you all need to look at Lou's Peacock Feather and lay-out!!

Now a beautiful lay-out from Jane. Jane created this page for her niece Amy, and all the colours blend so well. Awesome job Jane!! Check out Jane's blog for full details on her lay-out.

These are some great inspirational lay-outs from some of our fabulous design team ladies... leave your comments for our Monday prize draw.
Have a safe weekend... filled with happy moments and loved one!
(I know its only Thursday night...but I am getting in early)

love Sam xx

A quote for you.....
It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.


  1. wow!!! such a beautiful work by your DT!!
    You inspire - all of you!

  2. Beautiful works are more tremendous! Very much inspire!

  3. they're all absolutely wonderful. and INSPIRING. very very drool worthy =D

  4. These layouts are fabulous! WOW! Amazing job DT!

  5. WOW as always :) Beautiful projects ladies :)

  6. Oh my goodness what stunning pieces! Such gorgeous details! Thanks for continued spectacular inspiration!

  7. Such beautiful layouts - so many different styles but each is so lovely!

  8. this team is AMAZING ! i love your projects ! Fabulous way to use these wonderful chipboards

  9. I am amazed that people can be this talented. This is nothing that can be duplicated. Artwork at it's finest!

  10. woww i just happen to stumble on this blog through Cat's la cigale and my goshh... well done girls !! these are absolutely magnificent work !! all so different to each other and yet, so gorgeous !!