Wednesday, June 15, 2011

ID at the Expo ......

So now that I am back in Adelaide, I have a little more time to be able to talk about the weekend and do a little catch up!

Imaginarium Designs was a huge hit at the Scrapbooking & Papercraft Expo over the weekend and we are so overwhelmed by the great response that we got!

Josh, Karen, Carmen, Lauren and Natalie sold a lot of Chipboard!
Imaginarium Designs is well and truly out there now and we are thrilled!

Saturday was our super busy day and we were blown away by the response to our products! We sold out of so much stock in one day!

Sunday and Monday were really busy as well and we redesigned the booth to allow more people in and more access!

Jane taught 9 classes over 3 days and Nat taught 3 using the yummy ID chipboard. Louise also taught 6 classes using the ID designs too!
Jane teaching

Natalie teaching

Louise teaching

Here is Nat & Lou! (slightly out of focus but less wrinkles that way!)

We had all of our designs up on the wall for everyone to see along with the fabulous creations from our amazing team!

Did you come and visit us over the weekend?

Please leave a comment to go in the draw to win a prize pack of chipboard just like .....
CHERIE has! Congratulations Cherie - My Miss Jessica pulled your name out for the winning pack this week!

Cherie said...

I was lucky enough to make it to your booth on Saturday. LOVE all of it. Was so impressed with Jane's work !!!!!!

Thanks Cherie ... please email your details to and we will send you out a prize pack!

So I will come back in a day or so and show some more great designs!

And YES!!!!!! we do ship overseas! Just place your order and ask for a postage quotation!

See HERE for stockists!

xxxx Natalie


  1. Hello, I did visit you at the expo. My first attempt was a bit hopeless as there were soooo many people but later in the day I got to have a good look and shop when the crowds calmed down. Love your items so much!

  2. WOW sounds like you guys rocked it in, I am loving your designs too, wish there was a stockist in Perth WA :(

  3. Looks wonderful! One day I will make it to Brisbane for the expo :o)

  4. I am sooo disappointed that I did not make it to the Expo. You can bet I will double check my flight bookings next time I fly so I don't make the same silly mistake. Looks like you all had a ball

  5. Oooh looks like all went VERY well at the Expo! I can't wait to get my little prize pack to be able to play with the Gorgeous ID chipboard!

    Did you get my email with my addy deatils???

  6. So glad the Expo was such a success in regard to your chipboard. Congratulations on producing such an amazing product.

  7. yes i saw you at the expo but when i was there it was about 10 deep and all i could do was sigh and look!! i did come back later though!! beautiful chipboard!!

  8. Well done to all of the team the booth looked great and it was fantastic to meet you all.

    Your designs are fabulous!!!
    I hope you all enjoy a very well deserved rest after a very busy show.... Ann

  9. I wish I could have visited you at the expo - but its quite a long commute from Canada ;) Maybe you'll come to Scrapfest in Canada next year?!?!

  10. How come it looks like all the fun stuff is happening over there? I wanna visit the Expo - someday!

  11. It looks like way too much fun - okay not TOO much :) I want to join in!!!!!!!

  12. I am not surprised your products are such a success. They are fantastic. And I would have loved to attend your classes, ALL your classes. Perhaps one day.

  13. Looks so fun! Wish I lived closer!

  14. Looks like you all had fun at the expo, your stand looked fanastic, So glad your chipboards did so well, (they are just great chippies), and so glad you all made it safely home. Well done :)

  15. Oh My! That sure looked like a fun Expo! Wish i could have been there, if only to see your walls and walls of Imaginarium chippies!!! :)

  16. Looks like you had a super successful show! Way to go!

  17. I spent 3 days at the expo and enjoyed visiting your stall each day. I was also very lucky to attend 2 of Janes classes. Really enjoyed the whole weekend and will definately be going back again.

  18. He he looking good girls! out of focus or not, there are certainly no wrinkles worth mentioning on those rosy cheeks! I sooo wish I could have swished over the puddle in a jiffy just like Hermione and her time clock, and been to see you at the Expo. You must have knocked everybody's socks off with your stall, looks absolutely incredible in the pics! xoxo