Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Introducing The Queen of Mixed Media/Off The Page That Is...

Hello Everyone.

Today I am delighted to be introducing the amazing and super talented Mixed Media and Whimsical artist that is Sue Smyth.
I have  lost count of how many years I have know Sue, but it has been quite awhile. I am always amazed by her creativity and imagination. She never fails to come up with something quite stunning.
Not only does she do beautiful and whimsical projects for us, but she teaches them all over Australia. She is a generous spirited person with heaps of enthusiasm and passion for her art which she loves sharing. I don't now how her mind works but she never runs out of ideas, the cogs in her brain must  be working all the time - everything she looks at just seems to tricker an idea or two.
I asked Sue to tell us about herself and here is what she had to say. 
My Favourite 5 Projects for 2018

This has been a busy year for me, with a lot of my projects being 
taught around Australia, many times I have a favourite or two, but it can be really hard to choose as they are all my fav when I create them, until something better comes along lol.

My first choice is a Dragon Journal, I taught in Tasmania first
they love dragons there lol.

I just loved the texture that is revealed with Art Alchemy waxes 
 he is so detailed and therefore stands out despite being small. 
I have added lots of seed beads and rhinestones as dragon 
treasure. I also love the lashing on the sides, it gives
the book so much character.

My next project is a special one to me as I hand made the 
elf face with resin (made my own mold) I love the fairie world as when I was a child I was given a realistic fairie book that inspired me for years and still does, this is an altered book about Spriggans.

I chose this one because it features one of my favourite color combos, the contrast of clear teal and ruby red 
It also includes the Vaseline technique to create the rustic 
palings, and has a more shabby chic feel than I usually do.  I have 
taught this project many times and it is always popular.

Adding lots of shine baubles increases the sense of light and movement I have created a gorgeous cluster with 
I D chipboard as the base.

This project was for the Brisbane Scrapbooking Expo and it
was well received, it became my favourite of the 4 projects
 I did, as it had a few different techniques included in it,
 I just love the little sleeping baby, and 
the wrinkled scrunched paper.

He sits in a little ID frame for his bed, snuggled 
in muslin moss with wings unfurled.

My last project is The Mad Hatters Tea box, another 
popular class, that I just may have to do again this year.
I love the Alice in wonderland books/movies and love using it 
as a theme.

Again gorgeous I D chipboard creates a framework
for a nifty resin Mad Hatter, my favorite set of 
colours again, teal and ruby red, along with the 
striking addition of playing cards. This makes 
a wonderful gift for someone, though I think
most of my students kept it for themselves lol.

Happy Crafting and 

look forward to an inspirational 2019.
You can see why I love Sues work and why I call her the "Queen of Mixed Media and off the Page projects". Sue does do layouts and they are amazing with the same attention to detail as her other projects. But I think its the whimsical that really speaks to her. I am delighted that Sue is staying on our team, it would not be the same without her.
Sue, thanks for joining us for another year, we could not do without you. I am really looking forward to seeing what your wonderful mind comes up with  for us this year.
I will be back in a day or two with another introduction for you.


  1. thanks so much jane for the kind words, I love working for ID designs and coming up with new ideas, cannot wait to get the year started cheers

  2. Jane you nailed Sue....she most definitely is the Queen of mixed media. I went to the Brisbane expo last year (9th yr)and as you weren’t there there was not a lot of interesting classes. I went from doing one class every session to only doing 4.... Sues 4 and absolutely loved them all. Looking forward to seeing what Sue has got on offer this year...and hoping you will be there as well

    1. yes I will be there so you may have more classes to chose from lol

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