Saturday, July 21, 2018

Show Business with Sue Smyth

Show business 
By Sue Smyth 

I can finally share the projects I taught at the Brisbane Papercraft Expo this year.
Of course each project featured Imaginarium Chipboard.
It makes designing a class so easy. The 
first class is a Dragon book, yes yes I know I like dragons
and you all might get bored with them but I dont lol
I have made a platform for the dragon with Imaginarium corners

Then filled the cavities with rhinestones and micro beads etc
I like to put them in place and drizzle Dimensional magic over the top
to adhere in place.

I love the Imaginarium chipboard sword, which 
I have added dimension to with liquid pearls and black gesso.
I have shown this technique in previous posts.

I love the corners in this book they are so medieval.

A neat close up of the seed beads and rhinestones.

The second project, is a canvas, featuring Dragon flies.
I have used a generic one for the large dragon fly and a resin one to match the 
lacy Imaginarium dragon fly.

I have covered the entire wooden shape with rhinestones and 
then painted black, dry off and layer over lots of metallic colour.

Love adding a resin shape and metallic colour

The dragon fly rests on a Swirly frame again simply 
painted black and rub over inka gold metallic paint

Love this little Treasure chipboard and you can see
I have flicked chalky teal colour over the top for interest.

Dragon fly heaven!!!

The third project is a framed canvas, the frame was part of the kit,
we just removed the glass so the dimensional panel could fit
right in.

This sweet little unicorn is just a eraser that is painted
black first.
Always look at things to see if they have a nice shape
and if they can be painted.

I have placed the Unicorn on a frame again
and filled the gaps with pearls.

The I have added a gorgeous trinket at the base with lots of rhinestones

A resin wing added 
to the top make this a Pegacorn, not a Unicorn,
or maybe it is just a flying Unicorn lol.

This was my favourite project from the show
a little fairy babe sitting in a mossy nest on a heart shaped 
door hanger wrapped in brown paper.

An ordinary butterfly cut in two makes the wings
and simple metal feathers the top of the wings.
The baby is a resin shape 

He sits cradled in an oval swirly frame,
with trinkets and resin roses tucked under it.

I love the tinsy lady beetle too, clustered 
around some wheat stalks, chipboard and green berries.

Doesn't he have just the sweetest little face.

I hope you enjoyed looking at the projects I taught.
I deliberately made them different colour stories and a variety 
of items, books, frames, canvas and door hanger (which could be converted 
into a canvas easily) so that if you came to all 4 of my classes
you did something different with a new technique each day
and I did have some lovely ladies who came to all 4 and lots came to 2 or 3
we had a lovely time.

Happy Crafting 

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