Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Wishing Another Design Team Member All the Best

So today we sadly say good bye to Kelly-Ann.
Kelly-Ann is one of those bright and bubbly people that come into your life and leave joy. She spread light and happiness where ever she goes and is always up for a laugh.
Her "Diary" posts on our blog have shown just how wonderful she is.
Like all our design team members, Kelly-Ann is an all round scrapbooker.

She makes the most amazingly intricate cards, this one is a pop up box card, just full of bits and pieces that pop out the top of the card. The Butterflies are Kelly-Ann's own designs.

But sometimes simplicity is all that is needed for that special card and Kelly-Ann has made this set perfect for any occasion.

Imaginarium Designs chipboard words so well raw. When we first started our company many years ago, we tried 5 different company's and chipboard boards before we found one that I was happy with. Not all chipboard works well with all mediums and it took a bit of work and playing to find the right one.
Kelly-Ann has used the raw chipboard to great effect on her cards

 Kelly-Ann also does the most beautiful and detailed layouts, showing her skills at design and layering. She even does the whole mixed media thing well too as you can see on her layout above.

Again a mixed media card using our chipboard and embossing powders. I love the way Kelly-Ann doesn't use a traditional shape for her cards.
We wish Kelly-Ann all the best with her endeavours in 2018. I am sure she will tackle any challenge she faces with her normal bubbly and positive attitude. The Design Team ladies will miss her funny comments and sayings.
Please feel free to leave her your best wishes.
See you in a day or two with another sad goodbye. Not too many more to go, then we start welcoming our new design team ladies.


  1. Thanks so much Jane, I had an absolute blast on the ID design team. I learnt sooooo much from the other team members as well, such a wildly creative bunch! I look forward to more inspiration in the year to come ❤️ Huge waves from Kel xo 👋

    1. Thank you Kelly-ann for being such a great team member, we will mist you.

  2. Your diary posts sure were entetaining Kelly-ann, and lovely scrapping along with them. All the best.

    1. Thanks Leonie, it's been lovely working with you xoxox