Friday, September 8, 2017

Time for the Boys

Hi everyone, Sonia here for September (can you believe it!) and this month it's all about masculine projects. They are not something that happen often in my house as I have a camera shy husband and the only other male in my house is a crazy dog who doesn't stay still long enough for a photo!
When I think about masculine projects, the first thing that pops into my mind are metallics. I love the look of metal on a male page along with a vintage colour palette. So this month my chipboard has been heat embossed in an aged silver to give it a grungy, metallic finish

'Capture the moment'

Imaginarium Designs products used: Square Frame 11 (IDFR0016), Clock Face 3 Inch (IDS0006) and Capture Moment (IDW0076)

The clock face was heat embossed and then cut in half. The other half was used on one of my tags that is pictured further on in this post.
The 'Capture' title was heat embossed in black
The aged embossing powder gives a fabulous finish to the chipboard

The Square Frame comes as a large piece that I popped all of the inserts out of. I then heat embossed in aged silver before trimming off the outer border and attaching to the center of the page. The heat embossing takes a while as it is a large surface area to complete but the finished product is well worth it - it's quite the statement piece!

'Masculine Tag Set'

Imaginarium Designs products used: Clock Face 3 inch (IDS0006), Explore Adventure (IDW0100), Awesome Mischief (IDW0088), Capital Letters (IDAUC0001A), Lower Case Letters (IDALC0001A), Isobel Lower Case Letters (IDA0010) and 21 Stars in a board (IDS0076)

As the embossing powder is heated up it melts. This means that you are not left with big chunks of colour  which make you lose some of the more delicate details of the chipboard
On a few of my letters I hadn't quite covered the entire surface with the embossing ink which means I was left with areas that were still raw chipboard. If you don't like this look then you put more embossing ink over the bare surface and then re-emboss. However I thought it added to the grungy finish so I left it as it was
When you are heat embossing small pieces, make sure you have something to hold them down. Once the air from your heat gun hits them they are fairly likely to go flying around your craft desk!

'Father's Day card'

Imaginarium Designs products used: 9 Cogs on a board (IDS0018) and Isobel Lower Case Letters (IDA0010)
Layering the cogs gives wonderful dimension to your project
Some of the chipboard pieces have been mixed with some metal elements. That's the wonderful thing about chipboard - it is so versatile as it goes with anything depending on what finish you give it!

I hope you have enjoyed my take on masculine for the month. Now I need to see if that camera shy husband will let me take some more updated photos!!!

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  1. beautiful creations Sonia!! I need that square frames chipboard!!