Monday, December 28, 2015

Only 362 Days To Go

Yes, I am well aware that Christmas is over, that it has been and gone. But I decided to get in early with next year's Christmas cards - after all, there's only 362 days to go!!! And I will need every one of those days since I am such a slow card maker, lol!

These cards came about for two reasons. One, I have a lot of old Christmas papers that I need to use up before I purchase any more new papers. And two, after many hours on Pinterest, I realised there was a much quicker and simpler way to create cards - I call it "squares, rectangles, and layers".

All these cards have been created on the principle of using either squares and/or rectangles, adding borders to those squares and/or rectangles, thus creating extra layers, dimension and details. It's really quite simple.   

On my first card, I have started with two blue rectangular shapes. I then added larger red rectangles underneath, to work as borders. I then added both pieces to one large brown rectangle which was the base. This then framed both pieces, creating a united background. I finished by adding an image framed by Embellishment 8 pieces. Add a little sparkle and some rhinestones, and the card is complete. Easy - just remember rectangles and layers. 

For my second card, I have again used rectangles. Three, in fact, all the same size. I have then added a brown border, and some foam tape, and added those three pieces to my card, keeping them all evenly spaced. I have finished with a label, phrase, and a square frame that has been cut in two, and tucked under the edges of the label. Again, add some rhinestones and sparkle, and your card is complete. Again, it was all about the rectangles and layers. 

This pair of cards was inspired by the concept of using "inchies" (and using up all those small pieces of scrap paper. I cut my cards 6" x 6" and added nine squares to each card. Admittedly, my squares are a little bigger then "inchies", but it still works on the same concept. I have added double layered borders to all my squares, then adhered them to my card with foam tape. 

I have added three gold chipboard buttons, and a Christmas phrase to each card. I've tied twine through the buttons and frayed the edges for texture and dimension, and I've added Kindy Glitz around the inner edge of each square for a sparkly effect. 


Thank-you so much for stopping by and joining me today. And hopefully, you will be able to create many beautiful Christmas cards using this quick and simple technique. But there is no need to rush, you have 362 days to go! 

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Cheers and happy scrapping,


  1. Lovely works and
    Happy New Year!
    Carla from Utah

  2. Jules your cards look awesome. Love your idea of squares and recangles.. And I love the colorful result.
    Also the inchies cards are super. Great idea.
    And I had to laugh reading your title : only 362 days to
    Thank you so much for sharing your early Christmas cards. It was such a pleasure.
    Hugs from Monica...... Spain

  3. BEAUTIFUL cards Jules - you have the perfect amount of SPARKLE and SHINE!!!
    I am TOTALLY with you on the cardmaking front, after the last minute CHAOS of Christmas this year, I am starting on our 2016 cards NOW :)

  4. These are so pretty! I really love the two using inchies!! I think I am going ot make a few of these later today when I get into my Craft Oasis!! Thanks for the inspiratioN!

  5. Lovely bunch of cards,
    even it they are early!
    Happy New Year.
    Carla from Utah